Pregnant Spore

A broken field recorder inspired experiments in post-production alteration. During the recording process, the direct signal's left channel constantly and intermittently cut out, and when it cut out, it used the internal microphone to pick up the emitting sounds. Therefore, a mix of line and microphone signals are heard. There is a strange compression, noise gate and artificial stereo replication by means of delay, complete with HPF and LPF filters, so the result is slightly perception-bending. Channeling into the decomposition of bodies and the biological processes involved. This is Rainbow Bridge's first official release of 2012, the year in which humanity in itself will likely begin and end it's rotting.

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A collection of 13 psychedelic compositions by Baltimore's Pregnant Spore, recorded in real-time with no edits. The illusion of chaos becomes apparent in the chaotic collages and textures. Centered around the theme of personal spiritual growth, and inspired by the poetry of Dao De Jing and it's integration into every day life. This is something to get lost in because Pregnant Spore had lost itself in the making.

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Near 80 minutes of one-take composition. Creeping, odd drones. Electronics, voice, old appliances and furniture. Meditative, bi-polar, attention to detail. Focusing on the necessity of wholeness over partnership. The track is called "Alive Alone First And Foremost, Dreams Twitch Alive, Glory In Color."

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These 24 tracks, some as short as 39 seconds and others nearly 10 minutes long, document a span of 8 months of self-realization and self-actualization. The sonic diversity on this release and its jumping from one idea and mood to the next, track-to-track, archives experiences, thoughts and emotions like files organized into different drawers of the brain. Eerie vocal pleadings, a hand-full of rhythmic cacophonies, sludge-ridden bass, reflective walls of sound, and disfiguring sorcery. There are not otherworldly beings trying to catch your attention by interfering with the frequency at which your mobile device sitting by your speakers is operating on. These are mangled vibrations and abstracted energy recorded onto a digital format for you to interpret as you may.

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