Rainbow Lorikeet

A 5 song trip down the noisy end of the hip hop/ dub biosphere, Rainbow Lorikeet’s debut release “Fractures” comes to us from a small town in Northern Italy.
Fractures seems to ask “What if Techno Animal signed to Not Not Fun?” or “Where is the mid-point between Demdike Stare and Scorn?”  Nicolò Tescari seemly has united the scabrous whirr of the American noise underground with the larger international bass-music massive.
Fans of Techno Animal, Dälek, Andy Stott and Demdike Stare take note.

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Steve Hilmy & Daniel Barbiero

Prepared and unprepared double bass routed through electronics in a set-long improvisation recorded live at Bella in Washington DC 14 June 2011.  With Daniel Barbiero, amplified double bass, and Steve Hilmy, electronics & manipulations.

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Daniel Bachman

This is the second full length LP by steel string guitarist Daniel Bachman (who formerly recorded and performed as Sacred Harp).  Though young in years, he plays with a technical facility and emotional depth equal to that of the greatest fingerstylists.  His discography is already full of strong releases, but this new recording is the first I've heard to fully capture the intimate beauty that many have witnessed in his live acoustic performances across the country.  Authenticity has been a issue that has plagued folk music for much of the 20th century and these days anyone can pick up a style that was previously known only to a few mountainfolk.  While Bachman's playing is surely reminiscent of the spiritual searching sound of Robbie Basho, and indeed the spectre of Fahey looms large, he is no Johnny-come-lately.  The distinct sound you will hear on this record is inspired by the traditions and lore unique to Fredericksberg, Virginia, also the hometown of Jack Rose (may God watch over his soul).  Limited edition one time pressing of 500 copies.

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One Kind Favor

Wreck And Reference

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Sort of but not really ambient lo-fi stuff.

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Totem Tapes

Bacteria Cult, Juhyo, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer

Three way split between three of the best noisers working today. I personally can't believe how great these three tracks are. Bacteria Cult turn in a fuzzy scum trip. Juhyo spins up a clanking whirring industrial synth zoner. BSBC throw a BRUTAL high end driller to clean the pallet. Plus, three amazing pieces of artwork from Demian Johnston in a 6 panel wallet.  Mastered by Scott Colburn.

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Vertonen At Jennie Richie

Blake Edwards teams up with the mysterious At Jennie Richie for a 45 minute piece of slowly moving musique concrete and sculpted half-memory.   The album is very much a narrative piece, but of what I do not know.  This vessel has run aground.
For fans of irr.apt.(ext), Nurse With Wound, cold handshakes, Japanese tsunami ghost ships, and licorice. Mastered by Matt Waldron.

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Ou Oú

My garden, roommates, and belly agree, this is a good album. Ou Oú is a two piece ambient set with the grooves of a new psychedelic trip. The duo from St Louis is releasing their new album on Already Dead Tapes this year. The set is a tasty kaleidoscopic mix and an extraterrestrial wonder. For fans of texture and drone, you’ll find a sound with a french name, and a sci-fi cult movie feel in Ou Oú. It’s a beautiful mixture of crystalline song compositions, softly sprinkled with a minimalist structure that you can easily get wrapped up in.

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William Bowers/Cop Funeral

Wisconsin's William Bowers brings good cinematic soundscapes holding a due justice to reflecting the atmosphere of sound rather than manipulating it. A very short but sweet side to the split, capturing things needed to bring life back in music – (and incredibly recorded too!) A darkly creative set of songs with good harmonies, quick riffs, and magic placed on each track.
Chicago-based, Cop Funeral recorded four parts of a piece titled “When the Heart Overflows the Mouth Speaks,” which kind of sounds like a distorted love story taking place in a submarine descending deeper and into truer, bluer shades of color. (Think of the cast from 'Casablanca' on the set for '20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' Or the Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Dracula-version of Cpt. Jean Luc-Picard working together to build a romantic maritime roller-coaster in the Key West while dealing with heavy emotional setbacks.) This side is complete with shaky distorted harmonies, a pounding, reverberated synthesizer and great samples of things that sound like they're from a harbor. Once again: magic on each track.

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Radiator Hospital/Fred Thomas

The improbable possibilities. The underestimated guesses. The indeterminate proven things. There are many descriptions for our nervous romances, but too few ways to actually talk about them. Radiator Hospital and Fred Thomas are both that kind of indescribable mystery. Their new album, “Welcome to the Jungle,” finds a deep beauty with fuzzier and warmer guitars, a somber hollow sounding piano, and accompanied with the lyrics that still profess the confessions of impassioned, searching hearts. Each side is recorded the same way, with a lo-fi hum, a mic on the instrument and a shoveling of feet quietly in the background.
For listeners that recognize when the melancholy can become sweet, or when the heavy-hearts can find a peaceful release, I'd recommend this one. Radiator Hospital has a way of bringing smiles to those lonely ghosts in the past , while Fred Thomas has a way of bringing them all together, hand-in-hand. If you're in what people call love, or even trying to be; pick up “Welcome to the Jungle” - Fred Thomas and Radiator Hospital will help you through many things.

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There's a lot I don't know about Syracuse aside from it being probably big and having something to do with the Eerie Canal. Not that I'm saying my knowledge is flourishing or my experience with New England is something vast and well-cultured. All I'm saying is: the new sounds we got from Syracuse are sounding great.
“Humming Collection” from Wim, contains steady strums of guitars and short, sweet nautically themed pieces. Each song runs through the beauties of harmonized arpeggios, a resonating piano laid over vocalized chants, and instruments (perhaps) used as metaphors for the song's intentions. It all brings the shades of blues and greens of every sea straight your ears. If your a fan of turning the lights low and laying back on the couch – pick this album up, asap.

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Birds Of Passage

Starting with a slow wind and a whispering echo, Birds of Passage and I've Lost have put out a new mix. The dark, low, and soft collection from New Zealand and the US. The collaboration between the two musicians is uncanny and enriched with mystery. The sound is hypnotic and their chemistry is plainly magnetic.
Through a steady stride of breezy drones, the musicians perform slow soundscapes in an austere minimalistic feel. The songs whirl and sing against the sparse instrumentation and a cold clear lyrical melody illuminates the seasoned tracks.
Side A, “I was all you are,” is a collaboration of the two groups; Birds of Passage and I've Lost. The sound is philosophic in nature poetic in texture. After a few field recordings, simple melodious music and the lilting ambience, the album moves into two shorter solo songs, “Never Said Goodbye” and “Bullrush the Sun,” divided in between the two groups.
A charming course through dissonance and passion, the music creates that mysterious 'inner peace.' The sound comes off as dark, and even melancholic, but the feelings it produces grow in a calm and untroubled composure. A new sensation is brought to light and we wait to see what comes next from the two. Get a good listen and enjoy the experience - its the new sounds from Birds of Passage and I've Lost.

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King Necro

A great combination of diverse arrangements, the album reaches for the sounds of a fun mixed experimentation. Rhythmic, dance-able, an eagerness to innovate, “King Necro Presents...Macronesia: The Mixtape.” The music deemphasizes melody and pushes groove and rhythm up front. Interlaced with sound recordings, either created or sampled off of late popular music, the appeal is slow and provocatively loose, jumping from genre to genre, instrument to instrument. Its a complex drive, an innovative amalgam, and an expression of the free mind. Listen to King Necro's new tape, 'Macronesia: The Mixtape'.

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Mario Gonzalez is releasing his second, anticipated album, titled, “Ewphoria.” The April release is still reaching for the dark shades on tones of music, the album is well shaped and varied with a very Mario Gonzalez-style. Creating a new word, I don't think “Ewphoria,” needs much explanation – Gonzalez brings an exalted feeling of disgust, with the overwhelming, euphoric sounds. Each track on the album displays its own cold side; an added distortion, a whirring feedback, a mixture of awry notes and a steady beat that has rhythm replacing any melody. The album doesn't stray too off course in keeping to a progression and following through in each song. Overall, the album demonstrates a nature for experimentation and a diversely, yet maturing sound for the musician.

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Piper Spray

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Adderall Canyonly & Oxykitten

RIYL: Ghost Box, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, brisk walks on an analog plain
Spawned from a barroom conversation light on recall but heavy on purpose, The Cutting Room is a collection of incidental music from scenes that never made the cut, more specifically, "underscores" - soft, unobtrusive background music that accompanies the action in a performance. This collection of underscores (not all soft) from the mind of Adderall Canyonly and Oxykitten are imagined for a Michael Caine 1971 absurdist sci-fi romance flick that was never made.

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Field Hymns


RIYL: Drone with a capital D, headphones
Susurrus filters through the cracks of the city buildings and blocks broken only by the sharp, static pangs of decay - chaos begets order which begets chaos again - this is the root of all languages and is audible and accessible to all who have the patience to stop and listen...
Susurrus is a 31 minute piece in two parts, composed of feedback, ground-loops and other various unintended ephemera endemic to electronic instruments and the recording process. Taken singly these defects are purposefully avoided but when joined a remarkable synthesis can sometimes be observed. From an almost imperceptible beginning it rises in complexity until electrical arcs are almost visible...

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Field Hymns


RIYL: grimy synths, cold beats, a morose feeling of nostalgia for black denim
In 1991 Capcom USA, in a bold move to reclaim market share lost to rival video developers and taking advantage of the new16 bit processors in the Sega Genesis and its rival, the Super NES, commissioned of Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode to develop a more modern soundtrack for a game in development with a working title "Vital Organs". The project was eventually scrapped, the music forgotten and the world moved on. This is what that music would have sounded like.

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Field Hymns

Pregnant Spore

A broken field recorder inspired experiments in post-production alteration. During the recording process, the direct signal's left channel constantly and intermittently cut out, and when it cut out, it used the internal microphone to pick up the emitting sounds. Therefore, a mix of line and microphone signals are heard. There is a strange compression, noise gate and artificial stereo replication by means of delay, complete with HPF and LPF filters, so the result is slightly perception-bending. Channeling into the decomposition of bodies and the biological processes involved. This is Rainbow Bridge's first official release of 2012, the year in which humanity in itself will likely begin and end it's rotting.

Download Experiments In Putrid Putrefaction Satisfaction

A collection of 13 psychedelic compositions by Baltimore's Pregnant Spore, recorded in real-time with no edits. The illusion of chaos becomes apparent in the chaotic collages and textures. Centered around the theme of personal spiritual growth, and inspired by the poetry of Dao De Jing and it's integration into every day life. This is something to get lost in because Pregnant Spore had lost itself in the making.

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Near 80 minutes of one-take composition. Creeping, odd drones. Electronics, voice, old appliances and furniture. Meditative, bi-polar, attention to detail. Focusing on the necessity of wholeness over partnership. The track is called "Alive Alone First And Foremost, Dreams Twitch Alive, Glory In Color."

Download Spring Tour 2012 1 / 2

These 24 tracks, some as short as 39 seconds and others nearly 10 minutes long, document a span of 8 months of self-realization and self-actualization. The sonic diversity on this release and its jumping from one idea and mood to the next, track-to-track, archives experiences, thoughts and emotions like files organized into different drawers of the brain. Eerie vocal pleadings, a hand-full of rhythmic cacophonies, sludge-ridden bass, reflective walls of sound, and disfiguring sorcery. There are not otherworldly beings trying to catch your attention by interfering with the frequency at which your mobile device sitting by your speakers is operating on. These are mangled vibrations and abstracted energy recorded onto a digital format for you to interpret as you may.

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Rainbow Bridge

Inappropriate King Live/Scant

Inappropriate King Live brings a strange contrast with it's no-limits field recording manipulation and unloads 9 new short tracks of weird and mysterious collages. Running water, windshield wipers, clips from a live Quicksails set (used with permission from mister Ben Billington), guinea pigs, building a new bathroom, razors, space heaters, thunderstorms, string section rehearsals, wind, plastic bags, conversations with sketchy people and terrorized rubber bands, all mangled into a moderately-paced mess. Scant is the solo harsh noise/ambient moniker of Matt Boettke. Matt provides an upsetting and minimal 22 minutes of Ibogaine treatment-influenced static and light rumble that creeps slowly and cuts out abruptly. This material is hopeless and powerful. Meditative and steady.

Download Split c44

Rainbow Bridge

False Flag/Scant/Whitewater Orgasm

Loud, skin-ripping noise from 3 harsh artists from Baltimore, DC and Finland. Flag Flag is a new world order-obsessed harsh noise/power electronics project bringing you 3 tracks involving the 911 attacks on the Twin Towers and the event's involvement with national and international leaders. Scant, a member of the Sex Complex supergroup, provides an onslaught of pummeling textures centered around how it is to be next to someone and feel completely alone. Whitewater Orgasm completely ruins your life every time you hear his material and this is no exception. Some of the most harsh and sickening vocal and distortion madness I have ever heard since Masonna.

Download Split c34

Rainbow Bridge

Brandon Marshall (WR)

This anonymous Baltimore young man responded to my request to put out his first tape with enthusiasm after I saw him perform at an extremely awkward show. He did this amazingly powerful new-age synth piece that would have made Housecraft or Deep Tapes shit themselves (although it pretty much bored the hell out of the audience to the point where the only people left were the chaperones and 6 other people. Yea, let me emphasize how awkward this show was.) He submitted only two synth pieces reminiscent of his performance, however. The rest of the material is made up of a lengthy and un-altered movie clip and the most calming wall of static and rumbling I've ever heard.

Download Untitled c37

Rainbow Bridge