Withering Of Light

This is darker than dark ambient at its purest. Dragging, eerie, ice cold swampy trips of dungeon tunes.

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Medieval Teeth

Michael Gordon, better known as Medieval Teeth, from Scotland loves broken stuff. Fuzzed out destroyed guitars, gently warping cassette tapes, damaged tin pan drums, radioactive ambience, out of time loops and out of tune keys all falling into a rusted lo-fi slop bucket. But rather than just bluntly noising it up, he masters the skills to craft a a variety of fascinating worlds - sometimes point sharp harsh, sometimes drunkenly blurred, other times eerie dark. And that's exactly how we like it at Vatican Analog; proudly presenting his first release on our label: All New Tapeworm Diet.

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A brand new project by Steffan de Turck aka Staplerfahrer: he simply joined forces with his wife Leilani Trowell to create the space out-electro-acoustic drone duo Hexeneiche.
During the Easter weekend of 2013 they were on tour in Germany with Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (member of Icelandic bad boys Stilluppsteypa). The magic happened in Oberdeck in Hannover, turning out to become fine material to shape their debut Angsthase.

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A Vibrant Struggle

A Vibrant Struggle is a collaboration between Norwegians Sindre Bjerga and Jan M. Iversen (aka Bjerga/Iversen) and Dutchman Steffan de Turck (aka staplerfahrer). At the end of September 2007, they spent a long weekend in a wooden cabin up high in the Norwegian mountains, to fill up a pile of tapes with some blissful drones, crackling/clanging electro-acoustics, wood thumping and the occasional guitar picking.

Download The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. XI


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Shasta Ground Sloth

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Obsidian Kingdom

Torn & Burnt offers a new and fresh approach towards Obsidian Kingdom's music, giving their fans the opportunity to rediscover these seven songs through the prism of electronic-related styles such as Abstract Hip-hop, Ambient, Breakcore, Idm or Dubstep.

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Download Polnocna Korea

Mister Crow

Harsh industrial noises, thick soundscapes, and occasionally pounding drums come together to take the listener on a musical adventure in a dystopian future.

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Isle of Man-based purveyors of zebracore Postcode kicked the year off by recording a brand new set of songs, in the form of The ZebrATP EP.  The material was written during, and inspired by, their visits to the All Tomorrow's Parties festival over the past few years and even saw Mikie using a plectrum obtained from Sebadoh legend Jason Lowenstein after their 2012 performance.

Download The ZebrATP EP

Death By Horsecock

Download Paralysis

Wouter Jaspers

Wouter Jaspers returns with a piece of work as we know him. Gently he shapes slow and calm ambiances where subtle feedbacks and a love for minimal acoustic string instruments and flutes serve to color his universe. Analog synthesizers are always there, but remain calm at all times. There in his own universe he seems to force us to look back on earth's dense urban spaces and empty lands. Identity Formula EP is a dusky, cinematic piece of work that is meant as a stepping stone for his upcoming full length album.

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Hidden Rulers

Hidden Rulers are back with a complete album worth of eroded and dark techno. After a small digi release and tape on NX, this is a bigger showcase of their peculiar techno style. This is techno that sounds like the batteries have eroded on it. Like the machines had a skin rash. Like the sequencer had a sick day. Distorted and recorded on old fashioned tape, these are weirded out percussive slabs of lo-fi techno noise that don’t go for the maximum in distortion, but for the maximum in atmosphere. Minimal in melody and minimal in meaning, this is music thats honest. It only does what it’s meant for. No breaks, no big chorus, no deep touching melodies. Just dark and bleak machine sounds for like minded souls...

Download Golden Dawn


F – M CDOT G drops 3 tracks of undiluted dark ambient on you. Recorded live at the kitchen table by the two unnamed members of this project, with minimal means and straight to good old cassette tape fort hat extra hum of ferro chrome. The three tracks, named after slight variations in Holland’s gravity field, feature machinery, contact mics, weird phone apps and field recordings and are meant to lull you in a state of mental relaxation. The tracks evoke a dark sci fi imagery of lost planets, eroded space equipment and strange streches of travel where absolutely nothing happens and all sense of time is lost.

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Staplerfahrer says goodbye to his old workspace Perron 58. Before the old publishing plant was gonna be demolished, Staplerfahrer explored various corners, machine rooms and storages in the building. We hear fire extinguishers, chairs, marbles, fluorescent tubes, staircases, office supplies, ventilation units and much more. As on his many previous records Staplerfahrer once again proves that he can bring such variety of objects together in sometimes playful sometimes hypnotizing sometimes estranging collages of sound.

Download PERRON 58

Void & Light

Experimental one man guitar project based in San José, Costa Rica

Download Papillon

The Prophets of Lotto & Poltergeist Jazz

Download Nachtarbeit

Sweet Sound of Chaos / Half Digested Taco

Download Split EP

Daniel Barbiero / Steve Hilmy

This is the second release from double bassist Daniel Barbiero and electronic sound artist Steve Hilmy. An outgrowth of their work with the Nancy Havlik Dance Performance Group, their collaboration explores the creative applications of new technologies to conventional and extended performance techniques for the double bass.

Download Take A Sound. Do Something To It. Do Something Else To It.