Pregnant Spore

Justin says :
Creepy, mangled, droning, harsh...

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Forget The Times

Sean says :
My band is called Forget The Times and the new tape is entitled 'Escape From The Planet Of Llamas'. The title is a reference to Brazilian outsider musician Damião Experiênça. FTT is a free improv/noise rock band out of Kalamazoo, MI.
Some of our influences include: The Dead C, Les Rallizes Denudes, Keiji Haino, Derek Bailey, U.S. Maple, Captain Beefheart.
This is our first album and we plan to release a followup on vinyl in March.
The tape is being released on the label I'm helping to start up, Already Dead.

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Expo '70

Two live sets from the 2009 East Coast tour that spawned the Immune 2xLP, "Where Does Your Mind Go?", between the touring duo of Justin Wright and Matt Hill (Umberto). Track 1 consist of the stellar set from Ithaca, NY two days prior to the Immune Recording, headliners were Blues Control that night. Track 2 is the last set the duo played the last day of tour in the afternoon at WNYU in Manhattan, NY on less sleep than you can imagine. This set of live shows aptly named "Blackout" after a show at the now defunct New Market Hotel as part of an anti-CMJ show where the duo blacked out, probably scaring half the people responsible for the venue and show.

CDR issue of the live Expo ’70 tape on Sonic Meditations, re-mastered for CD with expanded artwork.

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Recently hailed by Pitchfork as a contemporary of Emeralds, Black to Comm, and Oneohtrix Point Never, Antony Harrison’s Konntinent project takes another turn on Down With Candy. Recorded as a single take live improvisation for an OTObahn show at London's Cafe Oto in November last year, later edited into a complete release via the power of Logic. Antony blends the crystalline tones and timbres of a dubstep producer with the kosmische approach of Rene Hell into a travelogue of a cold London.

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Chris Rehm

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Bartosz says :
Winter Ambient Works originated from, who would have thought, winter. I would stare into the endless white of the horizon and watch the endless commotion of blurred entities. No faces, no identities. Struggling not to be consumed by the white monster but still failing miserably. Powerless, that's the best way how you can put it. Yet, throughout the overwhelming amounts of snow and wickedly low temperatures, I always saw the more subtle, let's say esoteric, side of it all. I tried to incorporate this more melancholic sound into this work. Hope it worked out all right.

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The idea behind Winter Remix Works came to me shortly after the release of the original – Winter Remix Works (on Assonance Records) mainly because I was bored and annoyed with the album, but I still felt that something could be done with it. That’s when all the lovely people, mainly from the Avalanchers board, agreed to participate in the remix album. Finally my awful music would become listenable as it was worked on by the gifted people from England, Finland, France and Slovakia. Help with artwork came from Canada. I salute you all. Thank you for making this happen.

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Jeffrey says :
This album is a process of hours and hours of working without sleep. Isolated in a room, with just a laptop, guitar and piano. It can be seen as the melancholy of a bitter old man who will die in a few minutes.

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Inspired by secret societies and conspiracy theories, "Conspiracy Music" features over an hour of ethereal and hermetic-sounding melodic dark ambient music.

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