Ambient guitar drone project of Andrea Vascellari of the italian slowcore band Lullabier.  Recommended if you like Aarktica, mwvm, Thorn1, If Thousands, or essentially half of the Silber roster.

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Matthew Dotson

Two songs compiled by Matthew Dotson, each travels a different journey with a different sound. “Revolution” begins like the end of an album. The playtime is anarchic and falls short of any clear and descriptive adjectives. However soon enough the track eliminates the chaos and moves to the background. Upbeat, electronic rhythms are interspersed throughout with distant textures and an electronic sound. “Circumvention” is just as hypnotic. With exuberance, optimism and movements into slower darker sounds - Matthew Dotson promises a good listen.

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Ill Professor

Dream freedom in the wind's bullseye, between praising sunshine and shifting rain - little merry springtime settles on the advancing shade. None there are empty and no one refuses to time.

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Daniel Klag

Reality and absorption the self as many season. Illusions of stillness lift expression through sustaining. You cast yourself on your surroundings and here, with each breath and pulse imperceptibly distorted spacing.  Continuing change and widening.

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Reuben Sawyer

Oh, BABY we're sun and fire or so most of the night remembers. Block the sober thoughts and the places where most have already gone home. A few remain without exception.

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Angel 1

Try and up that feel-good jam and ride worlds with spinning city's. Now delete scene. Where's the fucking high?!

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Cagey House

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005. The tracks generally start as sets of doodles and noodles, and are later edited together into semi-coherent selections. Whenever possible, chance, accident, mistake, poor judgment, random acts, misguided notions, uninformed risk, and general ineptitude are incorporated into the compositional environment. Cagey House always aspires to the sublime, gladly accepts the humorous, and in the absence of either, tries to at least be noisy.

Download Rocks And Feathers

Agnès Pe

Agnès Pe works on sound beyond the limits enshrined by any genre. Her work is characterized by a fun and overwhelming attitude – an all or nothing style that covers the parameters of lo-fi music. This self-taught musicologist is a multidisciplinary researcher that is encapsulated by mystifying melodies and is always seeking new ways of relating to the elements she re-composes. She is interested in the non-common, regardless of their label.

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Naomi Chomsky

Original tape release of lo-fidelity zen folk meditation. All tracks recorded in 5 day period summer 2012. Recorded in a garden shed and out doors with one microphone. Side A features 2 Guitar repetitive folk meditation pieces. Side B features one incantation deep gong workout and a field recorded meditation based on rain and "IRON HORSES".

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Lore City

Lore City marks a fundamental shift in music as we have come to embrace it. This tenacious duo swoops down to reveal their own powerful take on minimalism. Leaving not a single detail to chance, and wielding an ethereal raw intensity, Lore City conjures a heavy elegance, coated with the darkness of American grunge rock. At long last, we have reached the debut album, ‘Absence & Time’ by Lore City.

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Marcus Rubio

Marcus Ruloio's  is a wordless chorus alongside a personal release. The sound has a path that is gentle in guiding each listener towards the next track. Coming from California, the music of Marcus Rubio finds strength in its bareness. A naked, reiterating echo, or the feedback - both are essential to the minimalist sound, yet finds closure with a brief serenade and a humming resonance.

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Influenced by the chaotic post punk of The Birthday Party, the tribal rhythms of the Swans, the abstraction of Scott Walker, the noise-rock of the Jesus Lizard, or the free jazz hallucinations of Moonchild. We’ve just released our first full length debut Lp: Kaktusz in April, on Bandcamp: ( The album was recorded live during a two day session in an empty, post-socialist community house of a small Hungarian village, Érsekvadkert. We used a very minimalist orchestration to recreate the atmosphere of our live gigs. The final result of the experiment is a grotesque psychedelic trip, an inner country site dressed into drones and noises.

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Philip Corner

Philip Corner's second album for Pan Y Rosas, Java Improvs, is a box set that collects eight improvisations that were recorded over the course of a year during his travels in Indonesia. From Philip:
Surely what drew me to Indonesia was the gamelan. A connection through years of practice with the New York new-music group “Son Of Lion.” and there i met three marvelous musicians and played with them, drawn together by shared mind-in-the-moment music making – the only way it becomes an “universal language.”
The collection is divided into three boxes and contains six and a half hours of music. The first box consists of two performances with percussionist Yasudah S. and the dancers Susana Miranti Kroeber and Phoebe Neville. The second box consists of four performances with the singer and dancer Restu Kusumaningrum. The third box consists of two performances with the percussionist Jalu Pratidina and dancer Phoebe Neville.

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