Bacteria Earth

Shane says :
Flippant absolution can be a good thing. It's drone/ambient with some world influences thrown in.

Download Black Silk For Bacteria Earth

Chris Rehm

Chris says :
I released a new album called "Salivary Stones" on Sunday and I'd love it if you checked it out. It sounds like one or more of the following: noise/drone/ambient/bedroom folk/pop/dreamzzz
I currently have it up at my bandcamp page for free stream and people can download it for whatever price they want there.
The album was originally released on cassette on Jan 16th by Chinquapin Records.

Download Salivary Stones

My Silver Booster

My Silver Booster are an experimental/ambient/post-rock band that create cold and slow minimal electronic tracks, straight from Italy. They formed in 2006, and released their first LP ‘Pane e Paranoie’ in 2007, and followed it up with Ambient Punk in 2008.
They are a 3 piece, with a 4th member enrolled only to make the visuals and videos for their live shows.

Download Bunker

I Create Soundscapes

Berk says :
Repetition is bliss.

Download Sleep Swimming

Lil Daggers

Jacob says:
We are a garage/psych band from Miami called Lil Daggers. Hope you like it.

Download Lil Daggers

Matt Miles Dixon

Tim says :
Check out the new release from hremig... A droney, electredelic EP by Matt Miles Dixon, a musician based in Leeds, UK. We've also done a limited run of 50 handprinted silkscreened CDRs for the first time.

Download Infrasonic Nature


Fish says :
A solo VA avant garde noise project with dark ambient and Industrial influences.

Download self-titled

Miss My Dog

Bernardo says :
Noise solo project of Wess Joy. Composed by slow chords in fast noises and songs of 1/2 minutes. Inspired by Noise acts in general and Lo-Fi/Garage/Bedroom music.

Download Elephants Keep Coming


Jeff says :
David Lynch meets sick lonely people in an ambient world of digital noise, pianos, field recordings and guitars.

Download Only The Lonely

Weird Ribs

Joe says :
Weird Ribs is the psychedelic drone project of Joseph Cox. Influenced by the likes of Growing, Emeralds, Robedoor, Fuck Buttons, Suicide.

Download Tubes

RJ Myato

RJ Myato is a noise artist from Pittsburgh, PA, focusing on no-compromise DIY aesthetics and sociopolitical future-punk expression. The methods and equipment used are different for every release, almost every track even, so there's no use describing it. Harsh music negating entertainment and expressing anti-egotistical social ideals. No Nazi Noise! Contact at to share ideas and criticism. Thanks.

Download Live At Garfield Artworks 12/9/09