Forget The Times

Third full length and first vinyl release from the Kalamazoo heavy psych collective. Spiritual guitar drones and surrealistic soundscapes. Tune up and drop out.

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About A Million

Our second release from the ever talented Anthony Leitch. His music was very important to us long before this label started. We're honored to have AAM in the family. This album marks the first in an ongoing reissue series of his previous albums. Perfect for long drives and lonely nights.
C60, Edition of 100

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Chris Brokaw

Live solo tape from the man behind such powerhouse bands as Codeine(Sub Pop) and Come(Matador). Brilliantly crafted songs on both acoustic and electric guitar. Chris is truly a master performer and his sound has only improved with age.
C40, Edition of 200

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Mythomaniacs Are Right

Heavy drones from New Weird Chile. A noisy, metaphysical trip; complete with scattering sound effects, gears that wind-up, weird dings, soft clanks, and most of all, the songs to make bugs and things come out at night.
C45, Edition of 50

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Pregnant Spore

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Hello Rainbow Bridge

Acid Police Eternal

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Hello Rainbow Bridge

Ghost Volcano

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Hello Rainbow Bridge

Peer Group

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Control Valve

Sirona Records

9 hours of sound, all styles of electronic music, 118 artists.

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I have tried experimenting with the psychedelic experience someone gets from the repetition of sounds but while also combining very loose simplistic forms of pop music structures. This is an album that is best listened to after sunset, calming breathe, turned up all of the way, and with lots and lots of bass.

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Capitan Pijama & The Fluorescent Detectives

Capitan Pijama started his musical activities in 1980s in Mexico with forming a band called ‘Los Pijamas A Go-Go’ – a little bit of techno pop on dada. It was followed by ‘El Escuadron Del Ritmo’ with its live dark dramas and ‘Groovy People And The Love Freaks’, a neo-hippie-spaced out- prog kind of thing. His current project – ‘Los Detectives Fosforescentes’ – offers a psychedelic blend of techno and kraut-rock.

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The Janitors

The Janitors give love to noise, monotony and pop songs and mainly consist of two people in love with the darker side of the 80´s with heroes like Loop, Spacemen 3 and JAMC.

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