Bernardo says :
Borboletas is a noise project from a 16 year old portuguese. Influenced by acts like Fuck Buttons or Emeralds, it explores other genres like Glitch and even Techno.

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Simian Washboard

One man harsh noise/drone project based out of Ulster County, NY.

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Gary says :
Neurospora is the solo, experimental, dark drone, ambient noise project from Gary the bass player of Sea of Bones. All stuff is recorded live with no overdubs.


Jean-Xavier says :
Providence is power-drone solo outfit in Glasgow who dreams of waking up as a wolf and retiring into the highlands.

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Keith says :
We are all islands; each set of ears, each set of lungs. Our intake and resolve are the product of individualized contact, and yet the ocean of subtle thought-forms which separate one mind from another are precisely that which connect us. Our three-piece is all about separations which unite, and unity that separates- musically and otherwise. As Minnesotan transplants to Portland, Oregon, we have taken part in a diverse array of projects, including Troubadour, Gratitillium, and a myriad of acoustic endeavors. We also enjoy spicy food, banter, and mind expansion. Influences for your consideration (in no particular order) include: The Orb, Acid Mothers Temple, Sun Ra, Throbbing Gristle, Earth, Seed Mouth, Daughters of the Sun, High Wolf, Skoal Kodiak, Moodring, Emeralds, and Black Dice.

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Arxelaos says :
We are 2 bassists from Macedonia Hellas and we create bass dronedoom/funeral/noise soundscapes.

Contemporary Casuals

Rich says :
From my tape vaults (via hard drive) comes this compilation of nearly 15 years of audio experimentation. Some of it makes me cringe with embarrassment, and some of it i listen to with admiration, considering how culturally isolated I was as a teenager. I had never heard of industrial music until I got much older, but used many techniques common to that genre out of expedience.

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Bird From The Abyss

A 40 minute sinister working of doom rock and folk music that will take you on a journey to explore the inner mysteries of the ancient Mediterranean underworld and then send you straight into the heart of the creeping muskeg pits and forests of Finland's mythological past. "II" utilizes a series of authentic classical instruments like the baglama, zither and flute and more modern ones to create a link between our world and one which still dwells in the nexus of time.
Bird from the Abyss is the music of Pharaohs and ancient Sumerian kings!

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The Buffalos

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We are an experimental noise duo from Brooklyn. Our influences range from visceral free improv bands like Last Exit, amplifier noise destroyers like The Dead C, spacey kraut jammers like Can and fast, aggressive punk rock a la Bad Brains, but it's not guaranteed to sound like any of that. We are also influenced by musicians like Kaoru Abe, who play incredibly inaccessible music, take too many drugs and die young.

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