Nearly five years in the making, Fifth Of 3 completes a three album, two EP serial quasi-concept album sequence that began with [ROOM]’s Spaces. On this album: guitars. Voice. Electronics. Noise. Rock. etc.
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Obsidian Kingdom

Obsidian Kingdom’s debut fully displays its components’ maturity in music writing and performing, meaning a bizarre step outside the boundaries of extreme music.
Taking part in the long-lived tradition of rock operas – from David Bowie to King Diamond –, “Mantiis” embarks the listener in an eerie musical trip, noted for the coherent exploration of a wide range of styles and emotions. The band spares no sound resources in order to portray the most varied scenes; from quiet despair to utter violence.

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An EP of Schemawound's work for the Disquiet Junto as well as unreleased material.

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Rather slow, heavy, repetitive noise music. There's a drummachine, a guitar, bass effects and vocals too.

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Trim Tab Tapes

Bacteria Earth

Maple Sea is a tribute to the degradation, dilapidation, and glimpses of pure beauty experienced through a stint living in Oakland, CA.

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A Picture is Worth 1000Hz

For this compilation, a pool of photos and images was collected from various photographers and artists who submitted their works for inclusion. At that point the images were distributed at random to all of the audio artists which were to use their image as direct inspiration for their work, in essence, composing a soundtrack to a still image. This collection is a showcase of the results that were obtained. A high quality 'poster' style image is included with download that shows each image and its creator, as well as lists the accompanying artist and song. Putting this compilation together has been an indescribably long process, that we are EXTREMELY proud to present to the listener.

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Worm Fam

Earth sounds, refuge unto morn a deep black crevice-slit, slunk away horrors of worm mountain night.

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The Next Commuter

The Next Commuter moves us into a place of experience. When genuine, our experience is slow and when active, our experience is unfolding. Off of their new album, The Next Commuter's drones write their own chapters, their melodies pave their own paths, and the blurs between the two, create a dark ambient sound-story. The Next Commuter aims for scaffolding the building blocks into the ideal state for introspection. Through the music, a sense of hypnotism breathes with its listener and the landscape unfolds into a reality of subconscious thought. To say the least, the group is a “far out” experience. With straight and solid notes, every culmination is just as simple yet amiably enlightening as the next. Come and have a listen.

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Banana Pill & Wozzeck / Coaxil

Everything around you loses focus and becomes static like a scrambled cable channel. The static forms some kind of pixelated fog through which metallic, horn-like sounds emerge slow but consistent, like semi-truck drivers leaning on their horns as they approach, then fade again. You've lost touch with everything else. If this sounds like your idea of a desirable evening, then Banana Pill & Wozzeck have created a recording that you will enjoy.  The promise of the Digital Age is that nothing ever dies. Coaxil's portion of the split demonstrates the transitions that we all must go through to embrace this vision. The glitchy scatterings of crunchy electronic sounds bring to mind the fading memories of dial-up modems, game boy batteries that are almost dead, and cheap printers jamming up with paper. It is a fond meditation.

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Desert Tenant

Desert Tenant brings you songs of personal narrations. Drenched in fuzz, mixed with twang and cooked with a mixture of melody and noise, the sincerity of something trite lingers above the melancholic strums and electric lo-fi guitar. It emphasizes the abrasive, and raw textures over harmony and brings an aggressive, yet rhythmic racket to the lyrics and guitar.
The verses are remembered scenes with that retrospective sense of personal questioning. “The candy of my eye has gone away,” as the opening lyric for Low Tide, the album saunters with a slow, grunge feel. All in all, the minimal sounds do a good job to represent the barrenness of the dry lands as well as bringing the hazy memory to the fuzzy sounds of a great lo-fi album.

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Lovestranger, MD

It might be usual to describe winter with snow and then night with dark. But the feelings that come from both winter and night, as well as the snow and dark are memories too fond and unique for simple words and their definitions. The album “Walking Home, Listening to Headphones,” picks out those memories and conjures that 'end-of-the-year' feeling. Songs that reminisce times past with families, friends, distances we have from them, and that magic that somehow taught us something we know, but can't describe, are all present and actively telling their tales. James Duke, moniker of Lovestranger, MD, has created a new album with the old sounds. Still with the lo-fi Casio sounding drumbeats and keyboards, the reflective lyrics serenade levels of personal maturity. Traveling from a residence in Minnesota to gigs throughout the mid-west, its clear the impact of the memories and stories are a prominent means for song-writing. Its slow, but strong. Its course but melodic. Its a winter night, but not just the snow and not just the dark. It's “Walking Home, Listening to Headphones,” the new album by Lovestranger, MD.

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Talk Midway / Wim (ウィム)

Talk Midway and wim (ウィム) have collaborated with their new split “The Sunroom Split.” It's a free-form of art with a powerful sense in technique. Demonstrated in Wim's initial extended chord, hammered with a surprise, demanding the listener's attention. Talk Midway's opening track, a mechanized voice introduces us to the playful xylophones, “Afternoon...Gentle.” It's a soothe touch and a nice taste – building, searching and guiding. Talk Midway patches short and sampled monologues that gives meaning and feeling to each track, while as wim (ウィム) progresses the gentleness of the chords to carry the tune as well as the listener to the warmth intended in the track's title “Lillie's Blanket.

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Red Cosmos

Inadvisable sampler action. It's mental and left me speechless. Production values are truly bewildering. Choraldelia. Out of your tiny mind. Psychedelic trip pop. Forced to throw my headphones across the floor and slap my own ears. Wilfully obtuse. Uncool and angular. Wildly schizophrenic.

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All sounds on this one made with a chaotic battery powered audio source. Loopy, glitchy, minimalism (well, drum kit sneaks in for two short appearances).

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Román Ramón

Román Ramón consists of Agnès Pe, Po Poy and Lucía C. Pino, who have backgrounds in both the plastic and sonic art worlds and who collaborate over long-distances and in person whenever the opportunity arises. Their primary instrument is a computer that they use to manipulate recordings of them creating other sounds as well as field recordings. They then modify the recordings with simple programming.
Nombradía pt.1: En Desuso is approximately fifteen minutes of structured sample manipulations and raw electronics. A sort of travelogue. Noise over background of real life. Electronics blip by. Pleasant strum guitar. Throat singing carnival. Tap. Reed stream glitch. Mescalin mix growl beats. Organ stab reverb. Sampladelics. Heaven vocals.

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Spitting Ladyladys

After a crash-landing on a strange planet, Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy go about cataloging and reporting on the strange planets inhabitants. But, before long, and quite unexpectedly, an inhabitant takes a very close look at them. Next, in kitsch documentary style, Ren narrates over some footage of curious flora and fauna. Finally, we are treated to a rare spotting of the Crocostimpy.

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Swamp Circle

Kamikuma/Bubotu Cotumbo

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