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Joris says :
8 new tracks. Some are constructive. Some are disconstructive.

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LienBrooklyn based electronics duo Ganjatronics present their newest jam - The Forgetting Stage on Shinkoyo's Shingles Club. Two dreamy summer sun-bathers - the perfect soundtrack to your next neon sunset cruise through the Hollywood Hills. Broken down hi-fi, brooding, lurching - The Forgetting Stage is their most minimal work yet.

Wavepool Abortion

Brett says :
Wavepool Abortion (ЖЕРТВА АБОРТА) is a new and exciting proto-pop-punk band featuring Pyotr Reznikov (guitar/vocals) and Matvei Solovyov (guitar/vocals/drums), based in Moscow, Russia. Their self-titled, 14-song, 30-minute blitz will be available digitally and on limited-edition cassette August 23rd via Washington, DC-based DZ TAPES.
While listeners will surely enjoy Wavepool Abortion's ear for classic pop melody, you may have to dig through some filth to get there. The reward is a half-hour blissful regression to punk's dirty roots--a joyride of almost-on vocal harmonies, guitar solos that swell in and out of feedback, sludgy drum machines, and enough tambourine to fill a cesspool.

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Daniel says :
Bound, Drowned and Crowned With Sound is my best work yet, catchy, complex, obscure, avantgarde at times. Enjoy the madness !

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Joseph Nanner

Joseph says :
Escapist VHS beatscapes for all the space pilots flying solo out there tonight... Tune in, mellow out and let the autopilot kick in.

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Daniel says :
Hi, my band name is Poundskin, this is my first EP which was released after the full length earlier this year, its titled 'Adventures of the Empress' and is my latest release so far although I am currently finishing a second full length album too.
Experimental Drum, Piano, Bass, Violin, Djembe, Organ and Guitar Arrangements.

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Honeybear Forest

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Our Ceasing Voice

LienSebastian says :
Recorded on April 25th 2011 in Gent, ‚Live‘ captures the dramatic performance by Our Ceasing Voice on their ‚When The Headline Hit Home Promo Tour‘. Featuring tracks from their debut EP ‚Steadied Stars in the Morphium Sky‘ and the full-length album ‚When the Headline Hit Home‘.
Live' helps Our Ceasing Voice to compensate for future touring expenses. Please consider supporting the band by buying the digital or CDr Version. Thank you!

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Infirm Individual

This is my newest psychedelic 8-Bit manifesto.

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Lien"The City Beneath" is a longform dark ambient piece inspired by the epic, groundbreaking 1927 science fiction silent film "Metropolis" by German director Fritz Lang. The composition explores the themes presented in the film and in particular, the subterranean city of the oppressed working class. The City Beneath" was composed and recorded in early May of 2010 and released as a CDr on Black Drone: 13 Series on May 13, 2010 (catalog # 13-7) in an edition of 26 copies. By 2011, "The City Beneath" was completely sold out and had gone out of print. The original recording was very slightly tweaked, cleaned up and overall remastered in late July 2011 and re-released on Subterrestrial Netlabel.

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