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The former landlord of Dogs Can Read Your Mind is now retired from the blog business.
From now on, the new man in charge is some guy named Sam !
See ya !

Ghostandthesong & Chris Rehm

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DZ Tapes


Susurrus is a 31 minute piece in two parts, composed of feedback, ground-loops and other various unintended ephemera endemic to electronic instruments and the recording process. Taken singly these defects are purposefully avoided but when joined a remarkable synthesis can sometimes be observed. From an almost imperceptable beginning it rises in complexity until elecrical arcs are almost visible...

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An astute observer will recognize within the first seconds of the crackling drums that open A Candle in the Crown of the Dawn that this record is supercharged, blown out and stripped down. With the intensity of Black Mountain soaring over a splashing, hypnotic rhythm section, EYES bypass to the center, to a place beyond knowledge, beyond rock, where human batteries are charged by a Dionysus crystal, where the shimmering organs read your mind, and the sun and shadow voices dwell. 

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Filled with rainy day lament, sputtering drones, funked-up basslines, luscious analog synths, and arrhythmic drums, ANCIENT HISTORY does not fall comfortably among the labels of 'ambient', 'IDM', or 'noise-prog'. Seemingly never slowing the car to turn, Ganjatronics make gestural shifts that range from new age synthscapes to piercing feedback and even occasional sing-song night club crooning. Also available as a limited edition CDR.

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Hhome Vvideos

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Radical Ritual Tapes

Nattymari meets Ectoplasm

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Occult Modem Settings

Based out of the rust belt, Occult Modem Settings creates dense, curious sonic landscapes while still retaining vague pop sensibilities. "Compression Artifacts" is 7 tracks of ghostly drone layered with curated lyrics harvested from overheard conversations and spam e-mails. Moods range from warm to sinister.

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