Boy Fruit

Both blunted and schizophrenic, Boy Fruit’s take on hip hop is a pile of twitching and glitching contradictions.    A set of rambling songs and micro ideas flowing into each other in the tradition of Mad Lib or Jay Dilla, Jay Harmon builds Demonology out of the firmament of his own possessed mind.  Turning sounds to crystallized green honey that he can form into towers of dripping confusion, before he hits the stop button, knocks it over and starts again.  While the album does make reference to the aforementioned hip hop halos, there is a digital crunch present in Boy Fruit’s work that makes this sound his own.   A hard digital distortion covers many of his snares and high hats in spiky texture while still floating over a bed of organic samples, creating a sound unique to Boy Fruit alone.  Demonology is a minor classic in the making and a most welcome addition to the Debacle catalog.

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First Dog to Visit the Center of the Earth

FDVCE is one Jack Rodriguez of San Diego.  He has been kicking around the bandcamp/blogs/mediafire scene for a minute, releasing 9 albums already.  Corecore has become the fan favorite of those initial independent albums, and so we decided to reissue it on CD and digital.  Corecore is the perfect marriage of Black Dice’s squelchy electronics with Mouse on Mars upside-down pop.   Wild synth tones meet digital crunch.  A cartoonish world is revealed.   Dancing mailboxes and 8-bit fossils.  12-foot-long alligators chase you deep into the Earth.
For fans of: Black Dice, Mouse on Mars, µ-Ziq, Dan Deacon

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Cheyenne 40

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Drive With A Dead Girl

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RIYL: early synthesis, library music, the inside of your eyelids on a sunny day
Omega is the soundtrack of a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe, circa 1971. Seemingly stationary and forever trapped on this silver needle hurtling towards the edge of time, all we have left is this inner-space in which we wander the halls of our recollections, recollections which are warping and corroding due to constant scrutiny and frantic tedium - the madness comes and goes but when leaving, even for a brief respite, a little piece of our defense goes as well, never to return and with no other to take its place...
For fans of Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop

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A musical representation of the eight planets of our solar system: that’s an ambitious and daunting project. It isn’t pulled off frequently, but when it happens, there’s two classic archetypes to measure them against.
There’s Gustav Holst, who painted the planets from his imagination and their role in folklore and tradition. Then, there’s the NASA Voyager Recordings, a scientific but not less poetic picture of the spheres.
Sferi’s Sound of the Spheres, released in three parts, is an amalgam of both, sometimes drawing inspiration from the space radiation itself, sometimes from the more traditional, anthropomorphic representation of the spheres. And plenty of times it’s a carefully crafted bit of both.

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Moonshine Blues

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Sonic attack trio. Music that rises from spontaneous collective energy and heavy-fuzz blown out rock and roll.

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Lost Harbours

Lost Harbours are an psych-folk band from Southend-on-Sea bringing together a broad range of influences from Pink Moon era Nick Drake, John Martyn, Nico, Charalambides and Richard Youngs, and literary touchstones such as William Blake, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorges Luis Borges.
Hymns and Ghosts is the culmination of two years of gigging and prior to that several years of bedroom song-writing. It is bookended by two long, partially improvised tracks of which Hymns and Ghosts Pt 2 features Bobbie Watson of cult 70’s folk band Comus. The tracks draw on themes of renewal, loss, the movements of the seasons and impending doom, and were inspired by childhood days spent playing in local woods and graveyards and the stories of friends.

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RIYL: an American Yellow Magic Orchestra, interstitial analog beats, a knack for being on the western front of awesome
Like being caught in a shadow world where the lights of the cosmos are the dreams of a former child actor, forever caught in a low blaze of the dappled half-light of disco balls and jellied stage lights of her youth - now moist night club denizen sway in ecstatic unison as if all were caught in light undersea current as it wraps and writhes slowly around their forgotten bodies as the fever dreams reset and play again and again behind upward tilted and milky smiling eyes...
Octagonal Wax is analog synth-pop instrumentals from an indeterminate era and more lighthearted than dark, though sometime the despair nibbles around the edges...

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Hermes' Labyrinth

The netlabel Music Is Big Place has just released Hermes' Labyrinth, a series of improvised duets for double bass, prepared and unprepared, and winds recorded live in the studio in the autumn of 2008. Each piece takes as its theme a scale, tone row, textural motif, or verbal suggestion, and develops it as it will—as sound finding its natural level within sound and silence.  Featuring Daniel Barbiero on double bass and Jimmy Ghaphery on winds.

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We've released an album of Indonesian harsh minimalism and abstract soundscapes by Busukyangbernanah and also have introduced a package that was specifically designed to support music sharing.

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Doron Sadja

Delicate, dense, ultra-synthetic and romantic electronic work blending elements of new age, IDM, noise, and avant-classical in one 4 movement piece.  I've released music previously in collaborations with Ganjatronics, Mirrorgate, Symbol/Sadjeljko, and more - but this is my first solo electronics CD since "a piece of string, a sunset" on 12k Records in 2003.

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Terror Bird

Drenched in 80's goth pop, withering melodies and gloomy minimalism, Lost Forever In Silence includes 10 new tracks from the band Pitchfork dubbed "suitably moody" and No Fear In Pop calls "lush and opulent, dramatic chamber pop".

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DZ Tapes

Geoff Geis

Princess is a strange hodgepodge of sounds. It draws most heavily from the seemingly contradictory worlds of Electro and Country/R&B, but touches down in a dizzying variety of other places over its brisk 24 minutes.
Moving with the frenetic urgency of a falsely accused defendant, Princess achieves this broad thematic scope, ironically enough, through its focus on details. Thoughtfulness in arrangement and delivery give importance to every second. Songs like “Mother of All” channel the same cynical, historical perspective that typifies Geoff Geis' Pizza! persona. “Superbowl B4 De-lete” and “the Lonesome Part,” are reminiscent of his abstract and emotive work in Big Whup. On most of this album, however, the songwriter shows his cards unabashedly, wielding a confessional intimacy not present in his previous musical projects.

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Vanity Projects

The Jonny Cats

Download S​.​B​.​C​.​P​.​M​.​F.

Trust no one

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