When Day Chokes The Night

The (slow drowning in the lights of devotional and cold) matière noire is an artistic performance where music, visuals and videos were created and improvised at the same time, in the same studio record room @ Studio Ka (North of France) on February 22th 2011.

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Phil says :
Scottish noise hell.

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Human Resources

The four tracks on this outing combine pop with chance radio-dialing, manipulated feedback loops, and labyrinthian volumes of melodic material.
To be released in a series of 200 on clear vinyl with original screen-print art by Allen Roizman.
"What's actually here is poppoid, but in a rather experimental context, not unlike some of the most melodic constructions of the LAFMS gang. Swank." - Byron Coley in Wire Magazine

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Demian Johnston & Mink Stole

Demian Johnston of Great Falls, Playing Enemy, and the phenomenal Dead Accents label teams up with Mink Stole (Chris Negrete of Radiation 4) for a colossal mind-warp. Born in Seattle from one single take guitar/pedal improv by Demian, “Trailed & Kept” was then sent to Chris in LA to mangle how he saw fit. What resulted is a monumental mixture of drone, metal, and noise tied together with a rich dose of processed vocals, a mixture couldn’t have resulted from either of these artists working alone.
For fans of: Aethenor, How to Dress Well, Kevin Drumm, Pyramids, or Ajilvsga.

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