Inappropriate King Live/Scant

Inappropriate King Live brings a strange contrast with it's no-limits field recording manipulation and unloads 9 new short tracks of weird and mysterious collages. Running water, windshield wipers, clips from a live Quicksails set (used with permission from mister Ben Billington), guinea pigs, building a new bathroom, razors, space heaters, thunderstorms, string section rehearsals, wind, plastic bags, conversations with sketchy people and terrorized rubber bands, all mangled into a moderately-paced mess. Scant is the solo harsh noise/ambient moniker of Matt Boettke. Matt provides an upsetting and minimal 22 minutes of Ibogaine treatment-influenced static and light rumble that creeps slowly and cuts out abruptly. This material is hopeless and powerful. Meditative and steady.

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Rainbow Bridge