LA Lungs

Epic new dark drone and new-new-age workouts from my favorite married couple Afterthought and Leeward Lung. Cryptic Snuggling is a leap forward into the deep waters of melancholy. The five initial tracks are a trip down the back roads of a torn psyche. Synths hover and dematerialize while strings circle and menace. Fog rolls in and pulls you closer to the sleeping dirt. You think “this would be fine place to die.” Yet, just as you let go, “Ruffled Rivers” picks you up and cradles you downstream.
“Ruffled Rivers” may just be the most beautiful thing I have every released and a towering 25 minute opus that shows just how amazing these wonderful artists have become. For fans of Popol Vuh, Curstallistas, Loren Chasse, Anduin, Xela…etc.

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Debacle records

Billiam Wutler Yea

Emerging out of Moscow comes Billiam Wutler Yea with this disc of seriously damaged and beautiful sampledelica. Like High Wolf being mixed by Mathew Bower “Y Eso Que Muerte” is a dense album of blown out micro-loops and spiraling vortexes of reverb. Themes come in and out of focus. The highs pierce and screech and the fuzzy middle flows constantly, never sitting still. There is a definite focus on enthographic samples here but chillwave this is not. This is true psych-noise at its best and most powerful.

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Debacle Records

Wreck And Reference

Felix & Ignat say :
It is with great pride that we humbly present our latest EP. We are a DIY electronic doom metal band from Davis, California. Eschewing guitars, we use samples and synthesizers to craft wastelands of sonic chaos and despair.

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