Chopped & screwed lo-fi loops of funk, new wave, soundtrack, library, R&B & soul. Influenced by Robert Turman, Croiners, William Basinski, DJ Screw, & the My Dream Date With Boyd Rice tape comp.

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Black Glass Church

Drones and moans, synths and sounds.

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Two sessions of improvisations that took place in two different churches in Germany and Switzerland. To explore these spaces, the duo used: strings, brass, church organ, piano, harpsichord, clavichord, and the alphorn as well as their voices, electronics, birdcalls, and little instruments. As always, listen carefully.

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Jim Lace / Alex Nova

Jim Lace and Alex Nova used to be in Onyx System. But then Onyx System stopped. So they used an electric guitar, a roland rs-09, an arturia minibrute, a korg wavedrum, a vocoder, a nord lead, an alesis sr-16, and hooves to make a few more songs under their own names. Prog sense. Paranormal science fiction vein. Story telling. Lovely creature afraid to die. Stargate. A lover in her hair. Afterlife. A man, a broom, the devils. The sound is: late night roxy sleaze, satellite machine cuisine robot synth croon and traces of meditative frippinalia.

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Ø+yn and Rapa Nui

A collaborational album by Argentinian psych experimentalists Ø+yn and Rapa Nui from Peru. The album was recorded in Lima during Ø+yns tour of Peru. Long Free Jazz blood-spit, dog-cry doom-forest  improvisation.

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Feathered Coyote


On these live recordings Ø+yn goes from a Trio performance to a full six member gamelan mode. The first track was recorded on the top of the roof, full of pedals and voices. Second trip starts in the night, with percussive staff being hit sometimes gently and sometimes with fierce.

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PSH Ediziones

Faded Glory

Faded Glory is a project of Brooklyn/Sweden based multimedia artist Doron Sadja. Post-human dream pop.

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Ce François Couture

Ce François Couture is an experimental musician, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist based in St-Faustin, Quebec, Canada. He came out of the music closet at age 38. He plays keyboards, theremin, percussion, and ukulele, but his main instrument is the no-input mixing desk, which he uses to sculpt rivers of controlled feedback.
This album is a 39-minute improvisation performed using no-input mixers. It was recorded direct to disc. The sound is reverbed drone wave flow with shimmers.

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