Bataille Solaire

An extremely loose concept-album about the dissolution of borders between spiritual and material, animal and vegetal, natural and digital, microscopic and macro, the 4 elements, religions, musical schools, as seen through the prism of the scientific documentary.

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Lattice-like manifestations are here and although complex in theory, show life though more visceral and ancient means. From infinity and up to infinity. Awakened into an expansive present.

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Free again as the will compels in floating capsules, remembering and remembering now the finger pointed celestial bodies anchored only by prospects of endless time. Signal transport.

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Falling down a staircase made of angel wings. Maybe your lover cries glass and cuts her eyes. New project from the legendary Harry Cloud.

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I Buried Paul

This invisible city which author Italo Calvino describes also lends its name to I Buried Paul‘s third release. Eutropia, the city, mirrors itself in several instances – sometimes inhabited, sometimes not – in through which its dwellers constantly move yearning for a change, which ultimately never happens due to the fact that their lives merely repeat themselves in different roles. Eutropia, the album, was designed as a soundtrack for possible futures – sometimes utopian, sometimes dystopian – that may occur isolated or simultaneously, yearning for never to repeat themselves, afraid of their own traces and trails, and inevitably swallowed by chaos.

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Sonic Blue One: a Blue Tapes sampler

Our friends John and Margerita, hosts of NTS Live's excellent Don't Trip, invited us to do a guest mix for their radio show! As it's been a year since we first had the idea for the label, we decided to celebrate with a mix taking in our first seven releases in chronological order.

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Xela Zaid

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We Are The Wooden Houses

Two fifteen-minute tracks of live performance and post-production sitar, drum-loop and experimental guitar music. Made at home.

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The Sun Hits

Breaking out of their 1-take origins, this new single from The Sun Hits is a result of studio experimentation to see where they can go with punk music. Post-hardcore, math-rock, noise-pop and grooves a plenty in just 6 minutes.

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Terraform Mars is Schemawound's 4th full length release and his second for Xylem Records. Terraform Mars is a mixture of organic field recordings mixed with synthesized soundscapes created using Supercollider, Reaktor, Renoise and Reaper.

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