Hear Hums

Mitch says :
I'm Mitch, 1/2 (the other half being Kenzie) of the experimental/visual band Hear Hums from Gainesville, Florida.
We have just released our second album (Psyche Cycles), have the third one half complete, and are planning touring, not to mention play around Florida all the time.
As you'll see, at this point in time, we enjoy the very DIY aspect of making as much as we can ourselves. The album, the album art, the music videos....

Download Psyche Cycles

Watch Cerebellum/Woo

Rapaz Nuvem

Rapaz Nuvem is a project I started a few months ago (back in June 2010, I think). I wouldn't tag my music as "progressive electronic", although my main influences are people like Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, Jean Michel Jarre or Peter Baumann. "Demonstração" (portuguese for 'demonstration') is my self-released debut. My music combines early 70's electronic inspirations with Drone structures and psychedelic atmospheres; I think it sounds like something new.

Download Demonstração

Park Bench Trauma

Download Nix

Check out Paragrafo Records

Bacteria Earth

Heavy, viscous drones swirl around pockets of noise. This album contains some of the lightest, most melodic pieces while simultaneously containing the most crushing, harsh tracks Bacteria Earth has ever released.

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All Black Everything

I do a lo-fi dark ambient/drone project called All Black Everything, and I've got my first collection of songs up on Bandcamp. Manipulated and looped household field recordings, found sounds, and cheap live instruments.

Download Gentle Floor

Stuart Chalmers

Deep and fascinating Noise music. The sounds were mainly created by a cassette player, and sound like a Lo-fi guitar improvisation. Two long tracks for your entertainment.

Download FFM10

Pregnant Spore

Justin says :
It's a weird, sort of psychedelic, mangled electronic noise project.

Download Snap_Argue_Cry

Order at Hello Rainbow Bridge

The Dead People

David says :
Me and this gypsy I know made this record a little while ago. The gypsy thinks it's tripe, but I think it's ok.

Download Withdrawel Shirt


Jason says :
Hey there, I've started a new project, sounds some like Aphex twin ambient stuff, "deconstructionist ambient/pop vignettes"- Weedtemple, "what outer space would sound like if it weren't soundless"- friendshipbracelet---I dont know, sounds like an 8 year-old goofy Tim Hecker stayed home from school for a week and made something.

Download Trails

Bo Becker

Download Octodurum


Eddie Entropy

Eddie says :
My name is Eddie Entropy, I have a new album of industrially-tinged drone with emotionally exhausted vocals coming out soon on the Dark Winter net label.

Download No Tomorrow

The video for the title track "Blot Out the Sun With Sex" is available on Youtube.

Silber Records

Brian says :
We came up with the idea of this compilation from a few angles. People have short attention spans! People love ringtones! Most songs are too long! So we put together this collection of songs 30 seconds long & made them available as ringtones. Some of the usual suspects for our compilations, some new friends, plus where else are you going to hear 46 tracks in 23 minutes. The artist roster is Electric Bird Noise, Zanzibar Snails, muscle mass, Pacific 231, Ben Link Collins, Rollerball, Thorn1, Promute, Irata, Charles de Mar, Small Life Form, Notorious Jet Set, Lullabier, The Undermasks, Drekka, Sibyll Kalff, Vestirse, Bryce Clayton Eiman, slicnaton, Miss Massive Snowflake, Subscape Annex, Remora, Moodring, IANTH, mwvm, The Collinses, The Velveta Heartbreak, Fires Were Shot, Yellow6, Mahlon Hoard, & Peter Aldrich.

Download 30 Seconds Of Time

Silber Records

The Slaves

The Slaves are a girl/boy duo from Portland OR trading in gothic drones and slowed down 50’s pop and surf. Using voice, feedback, and synths Barbra Kinzle and Birch Cooper create an overwhelming and melancholic beauty. Mastered by Matt Carlson of Golden Retriever

Essentially a perfect album. I was floored by them live and I am totally floored by this…like a heavier My Bloody Valentine without the drums and Kevin Shields... or something.
-Dead Formats

For fans of: 4AD, Cocteau Twins, Zola Jesus, Sigor Ros, Yellow Swans.

Download Ocean On Ocean


Subterrestrial's "H-21" is inspired by early 20th century exotic dancer Mata Hari, who was executed for treason in France during World War I after being accused of spying for Germany. Subterrestrial uses harsh, 8-bit noise and heavily aliased exotic rhythms to explore her often violent life and tragic death. It is believed that she was wrongly accused of her crime and made a scapegoat. H-21 was her alleged codename.

Download H-21

"Camera Obscura" features 79 minutes of psychedelic noisescapes generated through data bending techniques and Michael Oster's soft bent Reaktor Ensembles

Download Camera Obscura

FFM Records

Tiago says :
I would like you to listen our first compilation, "Noise Varieties". It is based on the globalization of noise music and presents 8 artists from 7 different countries. 44 minutes of raw and loud music.

Download FFM4

Salman Aditya

Salman says :
Salman Aditya is a Bandung, Indonesia based solo project music formed in September 2009. The music is composed by Salman Aditya and played live with help from his friends.
Salman Aditya composes Pop Eccentric experimental mix elements varied from influences of psychedelic, folk, rock & roll to Afrobeat, electronica and indiepop.

Download Wunderland

Jacques De Villiers

Jacques says :
I've got a short new EP called More Wind For Lonely Suburbs. It's from a forth-coming full-length that will be out later this year. Broken noisy sounds that will make you cry.

Download More Wind For Lonely Suburbs


Tiago says :
FTRG's Primitive Streak is the latest release from the Harsh Noise/Industrial/Power Electronics netlabel FFM Records. If you want to contact us or submit your demo, please feel free to send an e-mail to ffmrecords [at] gmail [dot] com".

Download Primitive Streak


Download Sound Manipulations

Aikichi Kuboyama

Almost 30 minutes of heavy noise walls and nautical synth waves and four untitled tracks (3 of them improvised). Again, it's a very limited edition (15).

Download Self-titled cassette

Adam Rauf

This is a live performance, 20-minute doom set by Pittsburgh's Adam Rauf (Kalon, Ouroboros), homage to Sabbath, old and new Earth. Features Andrew Miller of African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface on vocals on the first section. Recorded live at Garfield Artworks on 6-7-10.

Download 6-7-10

Bleak Russian Soundscape

Ben says :
Two producers from the east of england specialising in sample-heavy noise music that draws heavily from Drone producers, such as Stars of the Lid, Sunn O))) and Boris, however predominantly utilising samples, synth, and ocassional vocals. This album is a departure from the last, introducing heavily distorted guitars, vocals, and dreamy shoegaze style interludes.

Download A Drop of Ink in the Ocean, The Warmth of The Earth in Vast Space


Aikichi Kuboyama

Aikichi Kuboyama (name dedicated to Herbert Eimert's masterpiece "Epitaph Fur Aikichi Kuboyama") is a Harsh Noise solo project. Most of my things were improvised, but in this cd-r (named "Two Untitled Tracks") I started working with a laptop and discovering some really interesting sounds (despite the fact I still do some improvised noise). These two tracks are basically two sets of powerful walls mixed with loud basses and some electronic effects.

Download Two Untitled Tracks


Wes says :
We're a noisy kind of experimental type of band from Birmingham, UK.
There are two of us and we've been together as Interlard since 2003.
Our noise is created using Guitar, Bass, and machinery and stuff.
We have released 4 albums (all available free @ our bandcamp)
We gig rarely (not by choice) but are planning to remedy that.
We are woeful at self-promotion and don't mix well.
Bands we think we connect with:
Shit and Shine, Hey Collosus, Stangulated Beatoffs, Skullflower, Monno, The Goslings, Grey Daturas.

Download Tyrol


Rui says :
Ecos is a portuguese drone/noise/ambient/black metal project, that was born thanks to the passion for experimentation and for creating environments and soundscapes, that's shared by the constituent members.
"Nébula de Almas Difusas" is the name of the EP that was released recently, and it's available for download.
We hope you enjoy it.

Download Nébula de Almas Difusas

Totem Pole

Kevin says :
Greetings from West Palm Beach, Florida. Hope all is well.
Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that Totem Pole's debut EP, 'Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs', was released on July 15 and is now available online for free via bandcamp.

Download Caves and Tunnels, Mountains and Stairs


Gary says :
The cassette is titled Adaptive Manipulation, only 18 were made all hand numbered.
It's a little less noisy and more minimal than my other recorded material.
Side One: Risked Negation (14:57)
Side Two: Distorting Wake (14:58)

Download Adaptive Manipulation
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Download Songs To Sleep Next To

Pouca Sorte Deus Da Morte

"2" is the sequel from "1", debut album from the portuguese pop project "Pouca Sorte Deus da Morte". The one man band from Braga returns now with a small collection of 4 dance tunes (that include the single "Sonhar").

Download 2

Bird From The Abyss

JMA says :
III is 20 minutes of usual BFTA; doom folk fuzz and somniferum death blues.
Released 16 June 2010
J. M. A. - Instruments, craft, producing
Ilja Salomon I - additional guitars, module

Download III


Download Untitled 2

Love Mortar

Download Aluminium Leaves

Download Infinite Sky

Download Terra

Michael says :
I'm a solo artist from South Australia in the genres of experimental/noise/ambient/
power electronics.
I have a demo, and EP and a single. Here are the links, all complete with art + lyrics. Thanks heaps.


Samuel says :
Here is a little sneak peak of our new cassette out on Dead Accents this month.

Check out Dead Accents
Download Introvertical


Gary says :
The debut album from this San Francisco Bay Area artist, The Goddess of Atvatabar is inspired by the 1891 hollow earth adventure novel by William R. Bradshaw and leans heavily on dark ambient, tribal ambient and middle eastern musical themes. The Goddess of Atvatabar is a self-released web album and is available as a free download.

Download The Goddess Of Atvatabar

Same Waves

Bernardo says :
Repetition of noises in progressive electronic structures. The harmony of the harsh.
Self released, 16 May 2010.

Download Post-Blackholes/Landfill


Chris says :
Caddywhompus is an experimental noise pop duo from New Orleans. We just released our new album, "Remainder" on May 11th on Community Records, a DIY label out of New Orleans.The album is being released as a run of 500 12" vinyl and 500 hand-made CDs. The whole album is available for free download on Community Records' website.

Download Remainder


John says :
Two long improvisations with bells and pans from the makers of aboombong.

Download A Morning's Work

Mogadiscio Ensemble

Is out now for Karuso label Afro Affairs the debut album by the Italian duo of Mogadiscio Ensemble formed by Riccardo Nava (synths and noises in My Silver Booster and § as solo) and Riccardo Canta (keyboards and sax in Il Cubo di Rubik Monocromo and Gonzo Caravan); it is a mixture of electronic fragments, loops, drum defaced in bitcrusher and dirty CD-R. Available in full streaming on myspace.com/mogadiscioensemble and sale on Believe Digital and best digital stores for EUR/US/GB 1.49.

Download Afro Affairs