Hear Hums

Mitch says :
I'm Mitch, 1/2 (the other half being Kenzie) of the experimental/visual band Hear Hums from Gainesville, Florida.
We have just released our second album (Psyche Cycles), have the third one half complete, and are planning touring, not to mention play around Florida all the time.
As you'll see, at this point in time, we enjoy the very DIY aspect of making as much as we can ourselves. The album, the album art, the music videos....

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Rapaz Nuvem

Rapaz Nuvem is a project I started a few months ago (back in June 2010, I think). I wouldn't tag my music as "progressive electronic", although my main influences are people like Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, Jean Michel Jarre or Peter Baumann. "Demonstração" (portuguese for 'demonstration') is my self-released debut. My music combines early 70's electronic inspirations with Drone structures and psychedelic atmospheres; I think it sounds like something new.

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Park Bench Trauma

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Bacteria Earth

Heavy, viscous drones swirl around pockets of noise. This album contains some of the lightest, most melodic pieces while simultaneously containing the most crushing, harsh tracks Bacteria Earth has ever released.

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All Black Everything

I do a lo-fi dark ambient/drone project called All Black Everything, and I've got my first collection of songs up on Bandcamp. Manipulated and looped household field recordings, found sounds, and cheap live instruments.

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Stuart Chalmers

Deep and fascinating Noise music. The sounds were mainly created by a cassette player, and sound like a Lo-fi guitar improvisation. Two long tracks for your entertainment.

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