Black Hat

Black Hat is one Nelson Bean a recent transplant from California, and a most welcome addition to the Seattle music landscape. Spectral Disorder was originally issued on handmade tapes by Nelson, the reissue has been remastered by Dustin Kochel for digital. Spectral Disorder is all about the intersection of percussion and huge beautiful tones; the push-pull of rhythmic motion with floating, modulating fuzz. Comparisons to the Modern Love heavies Demdike Stare and Andy Stott aren’t far off. An immensely impressive debut.

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Dark Room

Beat driven dark electronics with some heavy textures.

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Holy Hole

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Ambient/drone/modern classical/experimental/field recording project by Ross Baker (Second Thought, Obliquity, The Curse of Kevin Carter, solo) and Craig Gillman (Loose Link, Clockwork Keyboard, Stopscape, Reset Thinking).

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Journey of Mind

A liquid of infinite blackness exists at the center of the Iris; A place where each idea forms a ripple; Where each idea grows and dies within the confines of an instant. Journey of Mind can take you there.

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Ideas of Vision - Strings bring warmth to a cold chamber, thoughtful clangs suggest hard stone beneath your feet.  Sparse light sneaks through the window from the street revealing the huddled bodies.  You begin to drift and to accept.
Stuck in Slime -  Added layers of arabesque, synthesized pathways over driving, staccato percussion reveal the chaotic beauty in a stifling metropolis.

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Pleq/Quinn Walker

Bartosz Dziadosz and Quinn Walker's collaborative effort strikes the collective conscience.  Center your being as invisible springs, electric in origin, attach to the outer edges of the mind and collide with an incandescent force.

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An introspective, precise circuit revealing the emotive faculty of a solitary synthesizer.  Prayer will skip stones across the surface of the still, quicksilver pond of your mind, slowly disturbing the unknown depths of thought.

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Tape hiss, crackle and driven undulating tones striped bare to reveal hidden depths of engaging vibrations that converge with the vague and forgotten memories of a childhood barely remembered and half imagined to take you away to a  place based of yearning, uncertain feelings and moments of elation.

The dusty tape of your own or maybe somebody else's beautiful holidays in the sun, something like an exquisite memoir.

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Stevie Schmidt

Stevie Schmidt's hallucinatory tracks are subdued in the good sense. The cassette is perfect for sticking in your car's deck and cruising around. The record seems to sync up with the passing scenery every time. The album seems to have found a nice balance between IDM and Hypnagogic Pop, some beats infectiously pulling your toe to the ground and other passages pull inquiries of time and space out of your brain. The result is a tape I can leave in my auto-flipping tape deck and allow to replay over and over to no diminished amount of allure.

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Dome Of Doom

The Deathmedicine Band

San Francisco's The Death Medicine Band is poised to damage SF's Garage scene with its genre defying, high energy performances. Though only a three piece, the band manages to sound huge through the fact that each of The Death Medicine Band's members are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and songwriters. Live, the members switch about instruments on stage and their varied musical backgrounds and writing styles keep even the most fickle of attention spans attuned. The result is a marrying of DIY ethos, punk energy, psychedelic grooves, and combining influences as diverse as Rockabilly, African Blues, Stoner Metal, and Math Rock into one behemoth of a sound all while retaining a sort of playfulness, humor and openess  showing that the band's love for music as a whole makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience compared with the limited approach of most other bands. Autoentheogenic Cannibalism is the band's first full-length.

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Dome Of Doom