Fourth Realm

Mike says :
I completed my EP entitled Patterns of Visions. It's a compiltion of songs made as the sun was setting and glimmers of light were penetrating thru my vertical blinds and curtains. Mostly day dreams walking by the lake or nightmares of getting mugged in the grimey streets of oakland at night.

Download Patterns Of Visions

Streets Of Rage

Alistair says :
The band is Streets of Rage from Glasgow, Scotland. It's me playing guitar and doing vocals over keyboard beats. Recorded on a hifi with a tape player for overdubs. You can listen to a couple of tracks here. It was out in 2009 on Crasier Frane records. Super-limited edition, bunch of handmade cases that when put together spelt STREETSOFRAGEBEATYOURKIDS.

Download Beat Your Kids


Devin says :
I'm Devin, or Dth, an experimental/collage-music solo artist from New Orleans, LA.
I just released a 20 minute album on 3/10/10 - "I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day" as a free digital release.
Oh, also, there are accompanying music videos for 2 of the tracks.

Download I Hope I Can Feel Something Like That One Day
Watch the videos here and here