Chopped & screwed lo-fi experimental loops of exotica, funk, jazz, soundtrack, & eighties library.

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Hills! Werewolves! Run!

Improvised jazz metal commune rock. Channeling Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Pärson Sound and Les Rallizes Dénudés.

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Children Of Leir

Motorik-driven, mystical-horror influenced, psychedelic folk pop.

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Reid Karris

A series of percussion improvisations that Reid created using his drum kit, little instruments and a guitar. He manipulated the drums with electronics in the moment as he improvised. The sound is: sub thunder radio explosion. Psyché-bell tone. Pitter patter. Reverse. Emergent rhythm. Sonar search guitar fragment in the white room.

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Jelly beans are hard to understand.

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Fastlandet has been around since early 2010, then starting out as an electro-acoustic, field recording based project mainly driven by acoustic guitars and weather samples, and has over those few years developed into a more noisy, electrified act still using field recordings but used mostly manipulated electric guitars and organs at the moment.

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Genus Inkasso / Lobster Zorn

Gilz is a hyper-contextual cybernetic video organism by Laskfar Vortok, featuring the music of Berlin-based sound manipulator Genus Inkasso and the visceral punk outfit otherwise known as Lobster Zorn. This short film traces a bizarre path through known/unknown disturbances, weaving a meta-narrative using Vortok's original footage and the sampled-imagery of an increasingly fracturing internet landscape.
Gilz is part of an ongoing series of experimental video shorts produced by Teaching Machine.

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Máquina Solar

A collection of twenty brief improvisations that were recorded in Santiago, Chile in january of 2013. Short. Noisy. Dramatic. Scratchy. Singy.

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El Gringo

Garage rock from Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Dying Hero / So Stressed

This is a split between Indiana’s Dying Hero and California’s So Stressed. Dying Hero’s contribution is full of soft, rolling manipulated guitar bits. It’s very textural and warm and would probably make a good soundtrack for snuggling or smooching. So Stressed’s side is quite the opposite. It is eight minutes of blown out noise rock. It’s three simple, heavy, and rhythmically driven “punk” songs that would probably be a cool soundtrack for thinking about food or something.

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Wet Heads


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Antoine Beuger

A piece for seven instruments that was performed in St. Petersburg, Russia on april 6, 2013. Long single tones. Silence. Mesh and unmesh. Listen carefully. Antoine Beuger is a composer and organizer who was born in the netherlands. One element of his work is the sound in between what’s played. Space. Musicality of mundane actions. Everyday-ness. Listen throughout your waking hours. Experience. He is part of wandelweiser – which is both a performer/composer collective and a record label.

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