Filthy power electronics from western Massachussets.

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Volcano Radar

The title given to the music improvised in this session comes from an essay by Jorge Luis Borges: new refutation of time. Just as George Berkeley denies that there is an object existing independently of our perception of it, and David Hume denies that there is a subject apart from a mere recollection of sensations, Borges tries to demonstrate that there is no time. He proceeds on the assumption that if “man” is reduced to a collection of sensations, a single repeated perception, either in one man’s life or in the experience of two different men, suffices to prove that time is a fallacy, since this repetition will destroy its linear sequence. Paradoxically, Borges closes the essay by refuting his refutation: “The world, unfortunately, is real; I, unfortunately, am Borges."

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Andrea Pensado

Teraz, Tak!, her first album for Pan Y Rosas, begins with a solo performance by Andrea and is followed by a series of duets between Andrea and the musicians: Walter Wright, Davindar Singh, Adriana De Los Santos and Alexei Borisov who provide additional electronics, saxophone, piano and guitar respectively.

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Floating Gardens

Taken high beyond the normal scenery, outdoor programming cultivates life aboard the in-plane, flexural, and geometric gridpax that has become the new unsequenced way of living.  Motioning keyboard fingers show the way.

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Like a spinning ribbon, powered by the present shapes with side sky moving existence struggling. The reality around us is what is heard and the stories passed on with the present is all I know and that I am pleased.

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Günter Schlienz

The night sky blossoms with beams distant, familiar-arcing between islanded hubs. Fleeting bridges form and resonate hope with memories of hope. Silence made nocturnal shuttering.

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Giant Claw

All that remains on the sun purged top layer is the sprawling city of industry.  The machines heave against the sun - shadows of pirouetting cogs, skipping pistons, and graceful automatons flaunt a defiant ballet of life under the hellish gaze of the sun.

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Cátodo Dúo

Chime snake swirl. Metal scratch skree. Quiet long note bends. Physical percussion. Staccato footstep notes. Process vibrato. Glass string flow. Reverse polarities, cross streams. Pierce pulse. Low drone feedback string punch. Objects falling down hills. Black lodge bass descension glissando treble string ambiance.
Al Tiro documents their first public performance.

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Ett Abigail

The album is intended to be a sonic journey to imaginary landscapes; you and your imagination decide where and how this places are, guided by the music.
The listener is invited to play this album both in a normal order, and also in a random one, as the tracks are intended to be played in many orders. This gives the listener a lot of possibilities: a different track order leads to different journeys.
It's recommended to listen this album with headphones.

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Wish For Skin

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Bill Tucker

There is a Bruce Springsteen album called “Darkness on the Edge of Town.” This album sounds nothing like that, but it’s still good. With a few words to help you determine what I mean by good, Bill Tucker has a way of creating such a strange concept as anarchy through sporadic sounds and messy noises. Check out his noise synth odyssey on the new album ‘Contagious Fever Illness.

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Problems That Fix Themselves / Music You Can Swim To

The new split from Music To Swim To and Problems That Fix Themselves shows an etiquette to rhythm and melody. While one is imposed with impressive styles, slowly but beautifully, the collaboration of the two groups makes an electronic sound feel more organic. I’m happy that these two came together, I’m happy that it sounds raw, and I’m happy that it is sonorous. What else can I say: I’m very happy for this release.

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Ou Où

Less ambient and more rhythmic, Ou Où grabs at the extremes of both of their sounds and places them into one album – “Geocities,” (a very fitting album title for extremes being pushed.) “Geocities” is a pulsating journey that never skips a beat. The drones have found a moving rhythm and the electronics compliment the brighter shade of ambience. It is a pleasure to bring to you Ou Où’s latest release: Geocities.

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Wham Jah

Wham Jah can perhaps be represented as a haunting episode of rock and roll. “Alkaline,” the latest release by the ‘zombie rock’ group, applies modernity to the jazz/rock fusion but with an industrial noise-punk flair. Hailing from Athens, Greece, it broods, glooms, and attacks. The intense guitars, the heavy-hitting drums, the squawking saxophones and all of the other effects conjures a great and aggressive sound.

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Dozen Draft

The relationship between the listener and the composer results in a beloved time of sharing. For Babis Bozoglou, creator of Dozen Draft, there is so much to share. The latest Dozen Draft release, “Hands,” has a way to keep the audience involved and stimulated. Culturally induced with tribal drum patterns mixed with 60′s-70′s psychedelic pop/rock is an alluring charm. It’s colorful, brilliant, and intense – so have a listen and shake “Hands” with Dozen Draft.

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Mahatma Dali

According to scholars, music is exclusive to noise. In the album “Lux Lucis,” Mahatma Dali pushes the academic interpretations of music for the participating audience to experience a noisy breed of music. Listeners will find soundscapes, drones, tone-clusters compiled with analog sounds. A unique blend of minimalism and an expressed recollective project, M. Dali, finds the first full-length album in its own genre: “meditative/anti-meditative”. To get a full meaning of music, take a good listen and close/open your eyes – it’s “Lux Lucis” by Mahatma Dali.

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Ian Shaw & David Shrigley

A short but notable album, “Awesome” is the collaboration of Iain Shaw and the renowned artist, David Shrigley, as they ride along the tides of a simple, minimalistic sound. The songs drive into and explore a few interpretations of some common definitions. Through cute yet thought-provoking pictorial stories, the two present themselves as comfortable in their making of art and music. While Shrigley narrates thoughts through spoken-word tracks, Iain Shaw amiably sings over his acoustic guitar. Having a goodwill and friendly qualities, the new release can bring an agreeable sentiment to any sociable listener. So come, and have a listen.

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Ichtyor Tides

The element of mystery has that enchanting possibility to leave one to wonder. Afterwards, the hope is for there to be a continuance in the search. Ichtyor Tides runs deep with mystery and plunges through the fuzz, whirs, and drones – all singing in a strange and unified chorus. Like an odd phenomena, “Eever Schemes” still binds the laconic song to the menial noise. It is albums like these that present the strong metaphors to the strange musical sounds of the modern mystery.

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Ten imperfect sound sketches that utilise the spoken word, found sounds, repetition, and jarring unpitched melodies. Beautiful and grotesque; they're hung up on details, juxtaposed in a mirror, paralysed with self.

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Brice Catherin

His second album for pan y rosas, number 3, features two versions of the same piece - one for piano solo and one for violin and ensemble (featuring flutes, clarinets, bassoon, trumpet, tuba, percussion, and double basses). The sound is a rhythmic pulse with occasional voice.

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Wastelands is a compilation based on the idea of Nuclear Winter. These works are intended to inspire imagery of dark, desolate, uninhabited wastelands covered in snow and ash.

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