Delicate guitars fall around open flames and seas of green emeralds surge in waves. Clear bells ring in perfect night skies and we are reminded of the things that we cannot touch or see but they fall in veils in the lights of our rooms. Piano rooms of without walls envelop and fold around us in a moment then resolve themselves and disappear. Divers dive in the great green sea, in the night and the sea sparkles.

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Fernando Carvalho

It begins with a hesitant crackle and slowly builds with high pitched frequencies, and layer upon layer Fernando builds his piece, much like a painter would layer their colors upon one another to create voluminous textures. Carvalho joins the Subterranean Tide roster after releases with Somehow and Twisted Treeline Recordings with this 21 minute journey into sound design, ambient filigree and emotional exploration via the use of intricate synth work and field recordings.

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Wet Sweatshirt

In september of 2012 i moved to california from tennessee and huddled with my laptop a lot and started recording drones and messing with them on my computer. Those drones would become the first two songs on this selection of recordings. The latter two come from a session that my friend Logan and I recorded in our garage onto a Tascam portastudio and manipulated further on my own time. We went into some kind of trance and kept repeating the same keyboard lines over and over, eventually improvising a really dark vignette that would become 'Tickle Monster'. There is a contrast between the sound quality of the computer-recorded songs and the songs recorded onto the Tascam, but there is a certain cosmic quality that holds them together.

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Claudio Nuñez

Ninguna Libertad/Baladas, is a double album that features free improv piano meditations with wordless vocal action underneath.

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Art Brut

Jean Dubuffet characterized Art Brut as: "Pure and authentic creative impulses – where the worries of competition, acclaim and social promotion do not interfere." Percussion solo, bass, trumpet. Improvisations from rooms. Narration.

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Freaks At A Wake is a 26-minute soundtrack improvised for a non-existent trashy horror movie. The piece was tweaked and touched up later. The sound is: guillotine, snare drum, guitars, toy steering wheel, dynamike, pitch pipes, farfisa organ, keyboards, drums, percussion, lapsteel, keyboards, flute, guitars.

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City Plaintive is a hymn to urban beauty installed during exhausted nights in London and Paris. Incorporating poetry, street-side recordings, ultra-waveforms.

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Dead Bugs

Dead Bugs’ ‘Of A Feather’ is real swoon with acoustic folk and vocal talent. The lyrics strive for beauty more so than feeling in describing nature, observations, and the picture as a whole rather than flatly stating an emotion. With great background effects of echoes and vibrating whirs, the album does justice in bringing a soft overview for a calm reflection.

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Jake Leech

When the past is still the past, remembering it sometimes seems more than simple nostalgia. ‘The Brightest Night to a Memory’ by Jake Leech looks forward to reminiscing the past with beautiful tones and harmonies. It is full of soundscapes and an ambient blur. Lots of heavy memories, lots of bright nights – it’s Jake Leech’s ‘Brightest Night to a Memory’.

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The poetry of improvisation begins with an observation and then the touch while the beauty of experimentation comes from the strong desire to dare. sink/sink shows a beautiful sound of both improvisation and experimentation. With gentle melodies that stand behind a soothing voice. An element of an unknown mystery lingers throughout every song. The introductory notes to “A Lone Cloudburst” speak words of darkness and lay beneath the rumbles and drones of a new language. As you continue through the album's entirety, you will discover the musical idea and construction of harmony. It layers drones among strings and swells of noise within the lyrical artistry. Calm, hidden and benign, the album is a steady escalation towards peace and a brighter shade from a darker color. From New Zealand, it's sink/sink's new album - “A Lone Cloudburst.”

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