Pregnant Spore

Justin says :
It's a weird, sort of psychedelic, mangled electronic noise project.

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The Dead People

David says :
Me and this gypsy I know made this record a little while ago. The gypsy thinks it's tripe, but I think it's ok.

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Jason says :
Hey there, I've started a new project, sounds some like Aphex twin ambient stuff, "deconstructionist ambient/pop vignettes"- Weedtemple, "what outer space would sound like if it weren't soundless"- friendshipbracelet---I dont know, sounds like an 8 year-old goofy Tim Hecker stayed home from school for a week and made something.

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Bo Becker

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Eddie Entropy

Eddie says :
My name is Eddie Entropy, I have a new album of industrially-tinged drone with emotionally exhausted vocals coming out soon on the Dark Winter net label.

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The video for the title track "Blot Out the Sun With Sex" is available on Youtube.

Silber Records

Brian says :
We came up with the idea of this compilation from a few angles. People have short attention spans! People love ringtones! Most songs are too long! So we put together this collection of songs 30 seconds long & made them available as ringtones. Some of the usual suspects for our compilations, some new friends, plus where else are you going to hear 46 tracks in 23 minutes. The artist roster is Electric Bird Noise, Zanzibar Snails, muscle mass, Pacific 231, Ben Link Collins, Rollerball, Thorn1, Promute, Irata, Charles de Mar, Small Life Form, Notorious Jet Set, Lullabier, The Undermasks, Drekka, Sibyll Kalff, Vestirse, Bryce Clayton Eiman, slicnaton, Miss Massive Snowflake, Subscape Annex, Remora, Moodring, IANTH, mwvm, The Collinses, The Velveta Heartbreak, Fires Were Shot, Yellow6, Mahlon Hoard, & Peter Aldrich.

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Silber Records