Into The Light

A new triple-volume download-only album showcasing many of the world's best innovative and undiscovered bands has been curated by Dandelion Radio DJ Mark Whitby. A mammoth 54 tracks, showcasing a wide range of genres and styles, are collected together in a bandcamp-released compilation, with all proceeds going to the campaign to free Pussy Riot, the Russian band imprisoned for their protest against Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox church.
The majority of tracks on the collection are exclusives, with the remainder mostly gathered together from 2012 releases championed by Mark in his Dandelion Radio show. They include the spiky punk of Leeds duo Flies On You, the spacey psychedelia of 93millionmilesfromthesun, the indie pop of The Spook School, the dark hip-hop of Social Studies, dub from Blaminack, krautrock from Vert:x and manic techno from Tactus.
Labels that have licensed tracks from the release include Daddy Tank, Into The Eye, Audio Antihero and Abaga, as well as the Liverpool music collective Free Rock & Roll.
All proceeds will be donated to The Pussy Riot Support Fund or, if they prefer, people can download the album for free and make a donation independently.

Download Into The Light volume One / Two / Three


?Alos' third album for Pan Y Rosas acts as a bridge between what ?Alos was and what it is becoming. The first two songs are new versions of old songs; re-played and resung in a way that is closer to ?Alos’ live sound. Her voice is more aggressive and the guitar more abrasive. The third song, panas, will appear again on ?Alos’ next album, era, but it appears here remixed by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mother Temple who transferred ?Alos' original recording to an analogue tape and then added layers of his own guitar, tambura, and sitar to it.

Download Yomi, L’Oscura Terra Dei Morti


Talezman is two faced, scatterbrained and is in the process of creating a genre of dirty movies called "Goof Porn".

Download Nostalgia Is A Weapon


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Death By Horsecock

Download Weine Und Liköre


These two tracks are focussing on all the unjust that is done to (anarchist) political prisoners and the fake solidarity that a lot of people show with activists, living off the enthousiasm and then backing out when needed. When someone gets imprisoned for their beliefs not only the first few months matter, they need full-time support. These things turn out to be even more important when people get frauded into jail just for owning some anarchist literature.

Download Auto-Da-Fé

Atelier O Divino

On Trevas Redux, his first album for Pan Y Rosas, O Divino reprocesses the sound of his saxophone and adds intermittent percussion and electronics to create a dark dream world. Black lodge jazz club silencio action. A ship at sea. Wood under duress. Riverbed percussion. Low throb of the old ones. Glacial pack ice friction. Radio transmissions to and from.

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Our music is created through live effected guitar, live signal processing and sound manipulation, and ambient/heavy drones. some feedback thrown in here and there. influences include Loren Connors, Sunn O))), La Monte Young, Earth, John Fahey, free jazz, and much more.

Download The Gloaming


Download 51 30 26 N 00 07 39 W

Glaze Of Cathexis

In the unexplored alcoves, glinting holy light shine resplendently bright in the doorways of our timeless, everlasting mind... every eternal moment is waiting to be renewed to the kingdom of its throne. Lights of spirit pierce like sacred lightning through the chaotic, stormy wilderness of ignorance and delusion. Yet, allow the pure light to resonate and penetrate... the wounded spirit becomes healed and all becomes truly clear in our diminishing lifesong of deep love and joy.

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Half Digested Taco/Bubotu Cotumbo

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