Orto Stro

Deaverchester generates a fabric of transmissions, broadcast from an isolated radio station far from our place & age. Perhaps the album title refers to a location - maybe a street name just off of Main Street in Anywhere, USA. Easy to miss if you're not paying attention. That's where the radio station was/is/will be. We only catch the slightest transmissions now, out of focus due to the massive distances through time & space they have taken to reach us. Orto Stro is Matthew Elias Marx, Asheville, NC.

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Alex Autajon & Los Árboles

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The tenth release on Algorhythms features four new tracks of noise-based dark electronica from label owner Algo. The E.P. was produced with the aid of an amplifier circuit housed inside an old cigar box. Sounds were created using resonant-spring contact microphones and circuit-bending body contacts to create piercing feedback loops, analog glitches and temporal sub-harmonics.
Algo combines dark textures with electronic beats. They range from short musical sketches to long evolving algorithmic compositions. He started Algorhythms netlabel in 2004 as a platform for his experimental compositions. He has released tracks on Algorhythms, 64 Bar Music, and Ninja Tune.

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Lucie Vítková

Lucie Vítková is czech composer and performer. She graduated in accordion performance at Brno conservatory in 2010 and composition at Janáček academy of music and performing arts in Brno (cz) in 2013. During her master’s degree, she studied at royal conservatory in The Hague (nl) and at California institute of the arts in Valencia (usa). She has studied with Martin Smolka, Jaroslav Sťastný, Martijn Padding, Gillius Van Bergijk and Michael Pisaro. She is member of the ensemble Marijan, Dunami, Dust in the Groove, and Prague improvisation orchestra.
Lucie's first album for Pan Y Rosas, is a collection of ideas and techniques that she accumulated throughout her practice as an improviser. In each piece she tries to portray certain phenomena in their pure, concentrated form to make their individual characters clear. To create the pieces on this album, she used three different accordions, her voice, and a harmonica.

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Harry Cloud

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7 tracks of dark ambient minimalistic noise mixed with some instrumentation and touches of doom.

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Lone Wizard

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Pulse Emitter

Under the city, deep within the solid rock and foundation, wayfaring messengers spring cosmic illumination. This is no chance encounter, but a utopian refuge where we can touch the frosty blue flames with our finger-tips.

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MJ Guider

A few clouds hover over the horizon, waiting for the darkness to reveal a keyhole. An intangible door requires experimental reconstruction and an imagination requires an intangible door.

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Unlearn the labyrinths etched in the tunnels and skylines and take the tunnels and take the skylines and the swell of the land that rambles through the treetops. This instant differs from the last with no reprise.

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Sit back, dim your lights and relax. Come down to the shady underground of South Korea. Vatican Analog picked out twelve artists from the South Korean bustling scene of experimental electronic music - diverse, but always connected with the noisy spirit of Vatican Analog: electro-acoustic warmth, rusty industrial cold, weirdly psychedelic, excitingly dark, randomly analog, mashed up digital or other divinity that pleasure or torture your ears and soul. We're happy to present this diverse group of artists that are already ruling or promise to rule at least the local scene of awesomeness, that still is expanding with new regular and irregular initiatives that show Korea deserves more attention for its exciting underground electronic music scene.

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Panda Kid

Imagine sitting on the coastline of a beautiful beach-side view. The wind is calm and the sun is setting. But out in the distance, your eyes blink with a creeping curiosity. You see the waves – that all seems to be normal. But on top, riding along the crest of the wave - you see a shaggy haired guitarist, wearing a black leather jacket, strumming soft melodies, with a wild but excited grimace on his face. That is Panda Kid: an Italian, beach-side, rock and roll hero.
If you want summer to last forever, I’d recommend “Summetry.” Already Dead Tapes was first introduced to the bright pop sounds of Panda Kid with the album “Scary Monster Juice.” Two years later, Panda Kid brings out their second full-length album, “Summetry.”
It still captures that sunny beach-side vibe of “Scary Monster Juice,” but with more melodic guitar arpeggios and tambourines, keyboards, etc. “Summetry” adds a splash of classic rock and roll with more rhythmic guitar riffs that match the melody of the vocals and even a couple of love ballads that will woo underneath moonlit skies. It’s a summetry of a great new year to come. Enjoy.

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