Somewhere between raw, noisy ambient and lo-fi techno.

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Omniataxia is a 2-piece experimental metal band from Boston, MA; conceived of while attending Berklee. We are in a constant state of genre-mashing, endlessly trying to devise new ways to push the boundaries of what a composition can contain, and what unexpected alien sounds we can present to the listener, while maintaining a simple setup.

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Neurotic Wreck

Mood music for mood swings and dancing in slow motion: 8 tracks of melancholy ghost-pop drawing variously on synth pop, dubstep, David Lynch films and whatever you call that Red House Painters/Jesu like type of slow emotionally crushing doom. All designed to bring to mind some kind of update of Twin Peaks where Julee Cruise sings at a dubstep club night. Hope that description was pretentious enough. Neurotic Wreck is, unless credited (and the first and third tracks are collaborations with two gifted producers) the work of one largely unknown producer, Dan Shea/Wreck.

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Black Science

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Torture Inversion

Between HNW and drone. This EP is free and is the first in a series that will continue until 1000 mins is complete, then will be released as a single epic 1000 min track.

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J.Siemasko, Schemawound’s sole member, has roots in industrial, IDM, glitch, ambient, improv noise, soundscapes, etc. Every one of these were evident in 2010’s Hospital Songs, a therapeutic release
effectively ending a 6 year period of writer’s block. This was followed by My Time as a Rat which was a
re-release of pre-Schemawound material, which makes They Want to Make Your Body Move… the second
proper release.
Siemasko offers only a simple description of They Want to Make Your Body Move… claiming that “The album is an exploration of small events magnified.” One could also say he has gone in a very different direction than his previous works, relying on simple textures and tones coded exclusively in Supercollider to build an entire album’s worth of unique ambient/drone. This is a vivid journey through sonic uncertainty, which leaves you excited and fulfilled once it’s over.

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Waxen Wings

Joss Carter

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Very, very dour, this is an exploration of coming to amongst the wreckage on a cold Saturday night out.

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Teenage Tasteless

Some music is just a journey and then after awhile of listening – you end up gone with the wind. Hailing from Berlin, Teenage Tasteless brings you the sounds from their new album, “Bartan Shumak.” A dark electronic mix of six extensive tracks, bringing you all kinds of goodies, (not too sour, not too sweet, just about everything for the normal taste buds.) Let me just say, if you’ve ever liked anything that we have released this is a definite ‘must-have-album’. Teenage Tasteless brings us a fresh aftertaste, with electronic sounds of dark-chocolate echos, layered on top of bitter drones that twist, shout and purr. A few piano chords, drum machines and the fundamentals of haunted solo singing voice will at times accompany the blends in the album. A couple of the tracks push beyond 12 minutes, and will have several movements to the song, still bringing together the whir and the buzz of something new and beautiful to the diversity of a completed noise mix. Its a dark, tried and true sound, pushing the instruments until they finally distort within the coalescence and end with a somber harmony and a lasting impression.

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Chat Logs

Its a fresh air in paused screams and a debased harmony in moon-blue static lines. If you want music that keeps you wanting to put gasoline on everything you own, then get Chat Logs new album. Its a haywire sound with a seven song set, starting with a pomp in “”Great and Dreadful Sky” moving into a fast paced, unorthodox sound. The guitars and drums are fast and grungy while the vocals ring with a mystery, and shout like a modern-day Oz. The album ends with echos, feedback and a creepy distorted Doors-like monologue.
This is the fifth release from Chat Logs, including an EP and one split with Many Mansions, which was put out late in 2011. The band has changed their sound drastically from day one, but has still kept its original integrity and the pandemonium that builds.

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Dissonant tones, an unstable aural combination, and tensions that demand more; the new release of “Owl Eater” from Micromelancolié is an album that finds a much more humanly private quality than resolution: it finds conflict and grief. The album begins in the static unknown – a monotonous search in the woods of a lonely whir. As an owl’s gaze wanders, so does the light buzz in the tone, moving in and out of the speaker, up and down in the melody.
Looking for prey, Micromelancolié eats the bird of wisdom and moves onto the second side with a pounding harmony on the piano. The gloom and drear of chord pushes back into another tension, but this time more harsh than Side A. Contact mics, samplers and pre-recorded sounds; the new, complete album from Micromelancolié, “Owl Eater,” brings a moon-skulled thrill, and a surreal reach for the creatures of the night.

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The Binary Marketing Show

Bethany Carder and Abram Morphew, the two members of The Binary Marketing Show, spent last year traveling around the US in support of their latest full-length release “Because of This, This, and This.” Now, with their new track, “Liquid Lung/Oha Cosmonaut,” the soundscapes make way to an interstellar-like feel with a modern, digitized sound. The two collaborate and create an electro-pop song in a light-hearted approach. Through expressive lyrics and a steady, simple beat, with a background of whirs and loops, The Binary Marketing Show demonstrate a beautiful texture and well-layered harmonies.
The next side is a slick and unpredictable track performed by New Diet. This group has kept their music simple, yet intriguing to much of their audience. “Van Song” has the same haze as a late-night highway drive. The indie-rock group from Chicago, has created many songs with orchestrations of layered notes and a creative use of samples and sound effects. Beginning with a raw, dark melody and in a minor key, the song smoothly transitions into a balanced groove and simple but entertaining rock chords. The transitions of each song, from each group, shape a wonderful progressive to a great split.

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No Monster Club

September 4th sees the release of No Monster Club's ‘Posthumous Hits’ on Already Dead Tapes and Records.
The creation of young Irish songwriter Bobby Aherne (who tragically passed away earlier this year, aged 24), this cassette comprises of 46 tracks recorded between 2009 and 2012. Unearthed after his death, the album has been lovingly mastered by Mark Chester (Grand Pocket Orchestra/Ginnels) and prepared for release by his bandmates, friends and family.
Having acquired a laptop for his eighteenth birthday, Aherne started to record for fun and went on to release eleven records on his own, before being joined by Mark Chester (bass) and Paddy Hanna (drums). As a trio they toured Europe, released three further records and shared a stage with Ariel Pink, So Cow, Sic Alps, Squarehead, Panda Kid, Jeff The Brotherhood, Wavves, Girls Names, Abe Vigoda and HEALTH.
In the meantime, Aherne continued to produce his own solo material as before; a clattering smorgsabord of bubblegum, baroque and symphonic pop, lo-fi rock, psychedelia and TV theme tunes. This is the music which we have collected here: songs for the park, songs for the beach, songs for your kitchen/living room/bedroom, songs for your school, songs for your holidays, songs for your commute, songs for your wedding reception, songs for your kids' birthday parties, and songs for your funeral.
There is a lifetime contained within these ninety minutes.

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TRùC (which means "Trick", in friulan minority language) hails from Udine, North-East of Italy. Formed by the rhythm session of a long but unlucky musical adventure (Egnog) with the help of one historical pillar of the Pordenones' Crossover Scene. Existing since less than a year, they put together what is their first effort, a sstrange and singular blend of their own influences, without following this or that genre, trying to "keep it personal".
What you can witness, is the loyalty to rock and roll, in all its propagation. Their songs are in 3 languages (friulan minority language, broken english, and itaglian), and the lyrics are based on lived-life histories. They kick off sometimes instrumentals because there's nothing to say, sometimes.
The records names "Curt", which means "Short", (which was released september 1st) shows the singular artwork of young but promising paintress Elena Chiandussi, which illustrates perfectly the various changes of mood of the friulan outfit.
They like to sweat during live shows.
The CD is a proud d.i.y. product, and is sold at a really low price at their shows, or on request, and it's also distributed by Musiche Furlane Fuarte, the indie label specialized in music sung in friulan minority language and owned by a hystorical radio station broadcasting in friulan, Radio Onde Ofurlane.

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Uli Din & (?)MOD & Bubotu Cotumbo

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This recording documents a period of my life when I was experiencing the grief of losing family and friends - those who had passed away, and also those with whom my personal relationships that had deteriorated beyond repair. My inability to deal with these losses manifested itself in depression, anger, frustration and destructive behavior towards myself and others until there came a time when I realized I could either continue to let it ruin my life or channel it into something constructive by being creative with the only thing that brought me a small semblance of joy at the time (and continues to do so to this day) - making sound - and hopefully through that process be able to exorcise those demons by metaphorically burning the bridges that connected me to that state of mind and to ultimately make it possible to "let go", move on and not look back...

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