Into The Light

A new triple-volume download-only album showcasing many of the world's best innovative and undiscovered bands has been curated by Dandelion Radio DJ Mark Whitby. A mammoth 54 tracks, showcasing a wide range of genres and styles, are collected together in a bandcamp-released compilation, with all proceeds going to the campaign to free Pussy Riot, the Russian band imprisoned for their protest against Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox church.
The majority of tracks on the collection are exclusives, with the remainder mostly gathered together from 2012 releases championed by Mark in his Dandelion Radio show. They include the spiky punk of Leeds duo Flies On You, the spacey psychedelia of 93millionmilesfromthesun, the indie pop of The Spook School, the dark hip-hop of Social Studies, dub from Blaminack, krautrock from Vert:x and manic techno from Tactus.
Labels that have licensed tracks from the release include Daddy Tank, Into The Eye, Audio Antihero and Abaga, as well as the Liverpool music collective Free Rock & Roll.
All proceeds will be donated to The Pussy Riot Support Fund or, if they prefer, people can download the album for free and make a donation independently.

Download Into The Light volume One / Two / Three


?Alos' third album for Pan Y Rosas acts as a bridge between what ?Alos was and what it is becoming. The first two songs are new versions of old songs; re-played and resung in a way that is closer to ?Alos’ live sound. Her voice is more aggressive and the guitar more abrasive. The third song, panas, will appear again on ?Alos’ next album, era, but it appears here remixed by Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mother Temple who transferred ?Alos' original recording to an analogue tape and then added layers of his own guitar, tambura, and sitar to it.

Download Yomi, L’Oscura Terra Dei Morti


Talezman is two faced, scatterbrained and is in the process of creating a genre of dirty movies called "Goof Porn".

Download Nostalgia Is A Weapon


Download BAB

Death By Horsecock

Download Weine Und Liköre


These two tracks are focussing on all the unjust that is done to (anarchist) political prisoners and the fake solidarity that a lot of people show with activists, living off the enthousiasm and then backing out when needed. When someone gets imprisoned for their beliefs not only the first few months matter, they need full-time support. These things turn out to be even more important when people get frauded into jail just for owning some anarchist literature.

Download Auto-Da-Fé

Atelier O Divino

On Trevas Redux, his first album for Pan Y Rosas, O Divino reprocesses the sound of his saxophone and adds intermittent percussion and electronics to create a dark dream world. Black lodge jazz club silencio action. A ship at sea. Wood under duress. Riverbed percussion. Low throb of the old ones. Glacial pack ice friction. Radio transmissions to and from.

Download Trevas Redux


Our music is created through live effected guitar, live signal processing and sound manipulation, and ambient/heavy drones. some feedback thrown in here and there. influences include Loren Connors, Sunn O))), La Monte Young, Earth, John Fahey, free jazz, and much more.

Download The Gloaming


Download 51 30 26 N 00 07 39 W

Glaze Of Cathexis

In the unexplored alcoves, glinting holy light shine resplendently bright in the doorways of our timeless, everlasting mind... every eternal moment is waiting to be renewed to the kingdom of its throne. Lights of spirit pierce like sacred lightning through the chaotic, stormy wilderness of ignorance and delusion. Yet, allow the pure light to resonate and penetrate... the wounded spirit becomes healed and all becomes truly clear in our diminishing lifesong of deep love and joy.

Download Neon Buddha

Half Digested Taco/Bubotu Cotumbo

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EN/Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

In preparation for their Japan tour with Grouper in April 2012, En (Maxwell August Croy & James Devane) defined the genesis for 'Blood'. Upon returning home, ideas developed from their performances were fleshed out and a new organism birthed. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma was sent parts of the completed En track, which he used to create 'Blood Variations'.

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Mitchell Turner

Spyglass renders telescopic visions generously spread - a fire on mountainous lands - a blurred image of star and planet.  Side to side guitar shines on pieces of crystal.

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Samantha Glass

The abandoned lodge emerges from the dark, wet woods. It is warm and light inside - carpeted halls and wood banisters welcome your step, draw you deeper past branching rooms. What mysteries, forgotten treasure, and danger await within these decrepit walls?

Download Rising Movements

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Food Pyramid

Live at the Bakken Museum of Electricity, Food Pyramid incants the freedom of Ash Ra Temple from the vertiginous crest of a great wave.  Their complimentary efforts echo and coalesce through the valleys below, waking forest life to a somnambulant rustle.

Download Live/Dead

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African Cave Recordings From The Lunar Surface

Download Acoustic Selenology In The 1900s


Justin Marc Lloyd

Natural patterns left me reaching for something bright. A dawn? A new beginning? Illuminated fingertips, mazes of brains… and finally, my center is cleared. Textures in seamless loops and wavering drones, broken beats and tone throbs, everything including the kitchen sink, and my own streams of consciousness. Amplified. Lo-fi garble and twitching circuits, damaged tape, and grand melody sneaking in and out. My deepest crevices are smoldering, as a mirror should, nailed to a burning tree… shattered before it ever served it's true purpose. Real-time composition and recording, born before i was. Spacial and alienating. I've treated it as such. There is a child inside of me, a portrayal of all that is experienced and learned, in 4 aspects: perception (a - your eyes>filter>image), sensibility (b - medium grounds for senses), and coming later: time and existence (c - year of the water dragon), new beginnings (d - dawn of the coming vision). If it can be trusted that this is glowing introspective, human measurements of time (62 minutes to be exact) dissipate into cosmic dust.

Download Year Of The Water Dragon vol. 1

Rainbow Bridge


Spooky, noisey, carnavalesque, electronic music born from experimentation and primitive playfulness.

Download Uburucuduburu 

Daniel Barbiero + Chris Videll

Aberration in Pitched Systems is a suite of four electroacoustic improvisations for double bass and electronics/sound generators. Constructed around pre-determined harmonic constants and variables, the pieces embody the shifting opposition and reconciliation of sister drones and modes. Recorded late summer 2012.
Daniel Barbiero: double bass and prepared double bass
Chris Videll: electronics, shruti box, pedals

Download Aberration In Pitched Systems

Treetrunk Records

Yves Malone

After a long wait the soundtrack to 1988's Zenith City is now available once again to coincide with the Satin Press release of the DVD. Moody synth music is the name of the game.

Download Zenith City OST


Christian Filardo

Mastermind behind cassette/multimedia label Holy Page. Christian dropped his Good Amount moniker earlier this year and took up his proper name, perhaps conceptual artists such as Filardo should present their compositions directly more often? In any case, 'Pieces' sees Filardo presenting us with a test of patience, an exercise in enthusiasm and endurance, Filardo explores the depths of his typically cavernous drones with a certain sense of technological seduction. Filardo's live performances have been highly organic and textural, we're excited to see where these approaches bring him in the near future.

Download Pieces

ϟir­­+Pluϟ & PSTN

Missouri's Public Spreads The News returns for his third Ailanthus release, this time collaborating with real-life friend and Nashville native ϟir­­+Pluϟ. On 'the TRUNK' we hear PSTN's amphetamine nuretro muzak revisioned through a production-oriented-soundcloud-beat-scene lens ϟir­­+Pluϟ lifts PSTN's sounds off of the tape and onto the live stream.

Download The Trunk

Wheels Myth

Here is the internet debut from long-time My Idea of Fun contributor Josh Russo, here using the moniker "Wheels Myth". The CD-r  appropriately titled "EP" was handed to me at a show in Johnstown, PA back in May, the handmade cardboard case was designed exactly as the artwork is shown online, with the CD slid into the "fold" there in the center. Sonically, the 3-song, 25 minute recording suggests the overwhelming emotions of an empty dance-floor. Drones are greeted by familiar melodies, then woven into a long-form scroned out dance classic. Wheels Myth's EP was originally and still represented by Johnstown, Pennsylvania-Based Artist Collective My Idea of Fun.

Download EP

Glaze Of Cathexis

Beyond the event horizon... beyond the border of the Unknown and Known... lies the Canyons of the Sonic Whirlpool. The bustling, dark confines of a Saigon cafe - the mind's images turn into floating waterways of fluid Engroovied Mandalas. Ceramic pots in a forlorn windowbay alcove above speak of high plains of Midnite Blue. Seizing the present moment in the shimmering light soars the Dream's Vision. Patterns of creation and decay echo across the ancient tiled floor, motes of dust sparkling... Chromium Lightning blazes like an inspired demigod's trident. Thoughts wheel in Hurricanes of Disorder, white horses flare on the seas in my mind... Waves of Moonlight shine... All becomes Sunflowers and Rainshowers in the primal gardens... call of the deepest Mekong beckons. Bright voices of light read from the Akashic records beyond all delusion, the Inner Shaman's Guide to Perception proclaims Don't Stand Down... in Saigon in mossy alleyways and thick, soupy canals amid the flurry of racing Xe Oms, like points of light, we find ourselves bathed in light on the Turbid, Shingle Beach.

Download Canyons In The Sonic Whirlpool

Damaged Tape

There's no particular concept to this album, it's really just a set of psychedelic musings. Pretty much all of the music here spilled out rather effortlessly over the past few months. Making music for me never feels too much like work, but this one was even more fun and games. I think it helps that everything here is analog hardware (with the sole exception of the robotic voice on the first track), so I didn't have to endure any programming cyber-headaches. There's also more guitar present than on other Damaged Tape records - I honestly can't really play keyboard that well, but I can rock it funky on guitar. I've also included a few tracks with lead vocals, which is a first for Damaged Tape. If my music evolves, I'm happy, and I think this one has a somewhat different vibe from other sets I've done for the Damaged Tape project.

Download The Floating Existence

The Gateless Gate

I started the project, The Gateless Gate, to experiment with my interest in dark ambient, psych, Krautrock, and various other ambient, avant garde instrumental styles.
The first recording, "Xinjiang", is a concept album based on Central Asian themes, which each track being based on a place or person in that region.

Download Xinjiang

Black Hat

Black Hat is one Nelson Bean a recent transplant from California, and a most welcome addition to the Seattle music landscape. Spectral Disorder was originally issued on handmade tapes by Nelson, the reissue has been remastered by Dustin Kochel for digital. Spectral Disorder is all about the intersection of percussion and huge beautiful tones; the push-pull of rhythmic motion with floating, modulating fuzz. Comparisons to the Modern Love heavies Demdike Stare and Andy Stott aren’t far off. An immensely impressive debut.

Download Spectral Disorder

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Dark Room

Beat driven dark electronics with some heavy textures.

Download Canopy View

Holy Hole

Download Plan Z



Ambient/drone/modern classical/experimental/field recording project by Ross Baker (Second Thought, Obliquity, The Curse of Kevin Carter, solo) and Craig Gillman (Loose Link, Clockwork Keyboard, Stopscape, Reset Thinking).

Download Rooms & Trees

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Journey of Mind

A liquid of infinite blackness exists at the center of the Iris; A place where each idea forms a ripple; Where each idea grows and dies within the confines of an instant. Journey of Mind can take you there.

Download Oil Burner

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Ideas of Vision - Strings bring warmth to a cold chamber, thoughtful clangs suggest hard stone beneath your feet.  Sparse light sneaks through the window from the street revealing the huddled bodies.  You begin to drift and to accept.
Stuck in Slime -  Added layers of arabesque, synthesized pathways over driving, staccato percussion reveal the chaotic beauty in a stifling metropolis.

Download Ideas Of Vision / Stuck In Slime

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Pleq/Quinn Walker

Bartosz Dziadosz and Quinn Walker's collaborative effort strikes the collective conscience.  Center your being as invisible springs, electric in origin, attach to the outer edges of the mind and collide with an incandescent force.

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An introspective, precise circuit revealing the emotive faculty of a solitary synthesizer.  Prayer will skip stones across the surface of the still, quicksilver pond of your mind, slowly disturbing the unknown depths of thought.

Download Second Species

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Tape hiss, crackle and driven undulating tones striped bare to reveal hidden depths of engaging vibrations that converge with the vague and forgotten memories of a childhood barely remembered and half imagined to take you away to a  place based of yearning, uncertain feelings and moments of elation.

The dusty tape of your own or maybe somebody else's beautiful holidays in the sun, something like an exquisite memoir.

Download Sierra Liora


Stevie Schmidt

Stevie Schmidt's hallucinatory tracks are subdued in the good sense. The cassette is perfect for sticking in your car's deck and cruising around. The record seems to sync up with the passing scenery every time. The album seems to have found a nice balance between IDM and Hypnagogic Pop, some beats infectiously pulling your toe to the ground and other passages pull inquiries of time and space out of your brain. The result is a tape I can leave in my auto-flipping tape deck and allow to replay over and over to no diminished amount of allure.

Download EP

Dome Of Doom

The Deathmedicine Band

San Francisco's The Death Medicine Band is poised to damage SF's Garage scene with its genre defying, high energy performances. Though only a three piece, the band manages to sound huge through the fact that each of The Death Medicine Band's members are accomplished multi-instrumentalists and songwriters. Live, the members switch about instruments on stage and their varied musical backgrounds and writing styles keep even the most fickle of attention spans attuned. The result is a marrying of DIY ethos, punk energy, psychedelic grooves, and combining influences as diverse as Rockabilly, African Blues, Stoner Metal, and Math Rock into one behemoth of a sound all while retaining a sort of playfulness, humor and openess  showing that the band's love for music as a whole makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience compared with the limited approach of most other bands. Autoentheogenic Cannibalism is the band's first full-length.

Download Autoentheogenic Cannibalism

Dome Of Doom


Somewhere between raw, noisy ambient and lo-fi techno.

Download Raia