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The Gothenburg, Sweden based duo Ihana started out as a casual meeting in the hallway between our previous bands' two rehearsal rooms and suddenly we played together once a week. Eventually it appeared to be (in or own ears) good enough to release our debut EP "Hitom Himlen" (On this side of heaven) earlier this month. Our main influences are (northern) Swedish wintertime, red wine, loneliness and abandoned buildings. We play guitars, synthesizers, detuned piano and effect pedals. Physical handmade releases featuring bonus tracks will be available after the holidays.

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We Are The Wooden Houses

First half is primitive guitar recordings. The second half is Charles Baudelaire poetry with music.

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Bristophe is an improvising duo that consists of Brice Catherin (from France, based in Geneva) and Christophe Schweizer (from Switzerland, based in Germany). They play instruments like: cello, trombone, a bit of electronics, tuba, a touch of clarinet, plus e.g. recorder and other flutes, double bass, alpine horn, voice, bird calls, a few toys, etc. Occasionally the two meet in one place, and that’s when sound happens. Le Fils De La Prophétesse is a two disc set that clocks in at over two hours. The first disc contains almost sixty miniature improvisations the create a whole. The second disc is more long-form, but the two relate as one.

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Ambientoid noise. Instrumentarium - feedbacks, regular and bended frequency generators.

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Stalkspace / Error / Antireality

Ambient noise, drone noise by Stalkspace, Error, Antireality. Instrumentarium - feedbacks, piano, frequency generators, tapes, metal objects, DIY string instruments.

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Ø+yn & Uton

Ø+yn (Argentina) and Uton (Finland) present us with a collusion of two hemispheres, breaking down the world as we know it and rearranging it via the new mental order. Two musical magicians lead you into an arena sometimes dense and dark, and at other times ecstatic and uplifting, truly a mind meld of alchemical proportions.

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