The Slaves

The Slaves are a girl/boy duo from Portland OR trading in gothic drones and slowed down 50’s pop and surf. Using voice, feedback, and synths Barbra Kinzle and Birch Cooper create an overwhelming and melancholic beauty. Mastered by Matt Carlson of Golden Retriever

Essentially a perfect album. I was floored by them live and I am totally floored by this…like a heavier My Bloody Valentine without the drums and Kevin Shields... or something.
-Dead Formats

For fans of: 4AD, Cocteau Twins, Zola Jesus, Sigor Ros, Yellow Swans.

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Subterrestrial's "H-21" is inspired by early 20th century exotic dancer Mata Hari, who was executed for treason in France during World War I after being accused of spying for Germany. Subterrestrial uses harsh, 8-bit noise and heavily aliased exotic rhythms to explore her often violent life and tragic death. It is believed that she was wrongly accused of her crime and made a scapegoat. H-21 was her alleged codename.

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"Camera Obscura" features 79 minutes of psychedelic noisescapes generated through data bending techniques and Michael Oster's soft bent Reaktor Ensembles

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FFM Records

Tiago says :
I would like you to listen our first compilation, "Noise Varieties". It is based on the globalization of noise music and presents 8 artists from 7 different countries. 44 minutes of raw and loud music.

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Salman Aditya

Salman says :
Salman Aditya is a Bandung, Indonesia based solo project music formed in September 2009. The music is composed by Salman Aditya and played live with help from his friends.
Salman Aditya composes Pop Eccentric experimental mix elements varied from influences of psychedelic, folk, rock & roll to Afrobeat, electronica and indiepop.

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