It’s not a shattering, but a quiet, secret place where the waves flow through and roll with the season and tempo of the sea. A craft alone breaks the near impossible.

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Les Halles

The streets begin to form patterns of larger things. A hidden body with no familiar face in a space with dimensions no clearer than before. Calm, silent, and elsewhere.

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Wipe the case and peer into fields metallically connected - fingers trace the yellow light - eight glass discs reshape the ancient mechanism - moist lilies in plastic carriers found polished in the red-tiled floor. You'll need to make a map.

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Chopped & screwed lo-fi loops of new age, funk, soundtrack, synth, library. r&b & soul. Influenced by Croiners, William Basinski, DJ Screw, Robert Turman & the My Dream Date With Boyd Rice tape comp.

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Post clerical punk noise tunes directly from the future.

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Britches is a band that encapsulates no wave’s voice in rebellion and rejection but presents the darker sounds of post punk’s aggression. The new album, “Demolition”, plays tried and true to Britches taste of music with heavy and voluminous amounts of harsh tones and relentless fervor for experimental rock. The five tracks exhibit tempestuous amounts of distortions, reverb and low frequencies – consistently heavy on the bass and maintaining the trashy sounds that the idea of rock and roll regularly asks for. Given the musicality of this album, the songs flow seamlessly into one another. Even with how disparate the tracks are, they are a fluid motion of angst, that patterns and perpetuates the drawn out discordant buzz. It’s a total head-banger and a creative venture into the dark sides of sound.

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The Binary Marketing Show

Going to bed after a long coffee, a jittered rush while listening to “Anticipation of Something Else” by The Binary Marketing Show was a fitting mood for a matching sound. I thought of how the songs so enigmatically portrayed the calm moment of laying in bed, reflecting on the day while at the same time feeling too energetic for sleep. The Portland based electronic, experimental-pop band has a lackadaisical, anything-goes kind of vibe while at the same time providing a strong backdrop of musicians who are narrowing their focus to more technically and conceptually challenging genres for their songs. The latest release, “Anticipation of Something Else” is just as smooth as an album can get for allowing free forms of thought to come to any listener. It’s an obscure haze built up from one duo using electronic instruments and a few samples, laced with rhythmic compositions, (and other times decompositions.) Any negative space on the album blends smoothly into a minimal beat and then into a cherishing allure of a calming melody. With “Anticipation of Something Else,” The Binary Marketing Show has pulled off another great feat and a beautifully sounding album.”

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Mitchel Davidovitz

Window of Normalization is an exploration of the current televised mass media system in the United States. Between July 31 and August 8, 2013, I watched 34 hours of live television, the same amount of time the average American watches per week according to Nielsen statistics. During this time, I recorded the audio and captured over 6,500 still images. In an attempt to expose which values, beliefs, and codes of behavior are being normalized via television, I recomposed the sounds into a six-movement musical composition and placed images into twelve grids.

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Sebastian Pypłacz

My music is a mix of ambient noises, minimalistic dance beats and poetic whispers. I place an equal sign between text and music, bringing the voice to the role of the instrument. I'm singing in polish and english.

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Six­spot Burnet is an open structure composition featuring analog modular synthesis, raw and processed field recordings, electronics, pre-­composed ambient textures, violin, and audio collage. The work has a fixed progression and form, and a closed set of materials, but is variable in the details of its live performance. This was the second set in articular facet 5.1 sunday october 13, 2013.

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Karris/Price Duo

Spare drums and percussion in dialog with prepared tabletop guitar and electronics.

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Maoθ works with spoken, prerecorded and generated language to investigate the abstraction of touch as an arbiter of meaning through the use of languages he may not speak. He manipulates language processed using a self-built palate controller: an oral retainer-based device which allows control data to be produced based on the touch of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, notably during speech production. This was the first set in articular facet 5.1 sunday october 13, 2013.

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Adriano Orrù

Palimpsest is the result of Adriano Orrù's desire to experiment with the electric bass. He and his friends Paulo Chagas (wind instruments), Silvia Corda (pianos) and Mauro Sambo (percussion, electronics) sent tracks back and forth to create these ten duets.

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