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All good things must come to an end and this blog is no exception.I want to thank every single artist/band/label who gracefully shared their music on DCRYM and I hope this little exposure was a benefit to everyone involved, somehow.
Keep supporting music makers and buy their CDs/records/tapes/whatever.
Cheers !


Bursting forward, take in your surroundings - with its ancient patterns and motion-carrying spins of every possible shape and color. Experience knowledge through time.

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Strips of land with a tilted pitch of highland wonder. It took all our strength to travel the circle; a pit of sooty-stars left hanging in the darkness.

Stream Deliverance

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Greg Manata

Limitless and endless space, I wait patiently at the stream. Equipped to move on to the next world gushing life from the source.

Stream Washing

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Nnord is an ambient/electro project with multiples influences, from Tangerine Dream to Sunn O))).

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This particular release and the project attempts to combine an art collage with a music 'soundscape' with the intention of inducing a meditative-state in the listener.
བདུད (Du) debut offering is out on tape limited to 50 copies. Available through Ajna Offensive (USA), GBS Records (Canada) and directly from the band. Contact virupimusic (at) gmail (dot) com for information/purchases.

Download Bdud

Cagey House

Cagey House has been releasing music since 2005. The tracks generally start as sets of doodles and noodles, and are later edited together into semi-coherent selections. Whenever possible, chance, accident, mistake, poor judgment, random acts, misguided notions, uninformed risk, and general ineptitude are incorporated into the compositional environment. Cagey House always aspires to the sublime, gladly accepts the humorous, and in the absence of either, tries to at least be noisy. Second Sight is a brief album made with samples both found and created. The sound is: you have thoughts. They wind down, up. Flight. Trill and tremble. Summertime yellows.

Download Second Sight


Download Simple Death


Download Dépaysement

Secret Moon

We do noisy, nocturnal, sci-fi tinged music with guitars, drones, beats and abrasive electronics. Recently we released an album called Rust City. It is themed around obsolescence.

Download Rust City


This album was created by recording the sound of an electronic toy piano and then looping and layering it at different speeds using four track cassette recorders. The sound is: full spectrum tape drone. Patience. Low end cycle. High end faster than trans-linear light. Blurred space as stars fold. Twenty minutes pass and five hundred years are gone.

Download Phantomaton

Scott Rust

Download Chronicles I-II


Influenced by artists like Tim Hecker, Boards of Canada, 36 or Aphex Twin, T(r)oma combines soundscapes and distant melodies, to shape something aerial, cold or melancholic.

Download Chasing Fireflies

Phirnis & The Euphoric Hum

Red Light is a full concert performance recorded at Phonophon on 14 March 2014, Institut für Neue Medien, Frankfurt. It features Phirnis on laptop and The Euphoric Hum on modular system and prepared guitar. Cover art by Katarrhaktes.

Download Red Light

Hollo Call

The album was made by experimenting with signal processing and time stretching techniques using field and studio recorded material to create ambient, drone and noise influenced soundscapes.

Download Incarnation


Come On, Ghost adds organic instruments to Schemawound's usual stew of off kilter electronics and dark textures.

Download Come On, Ghost


Cloakfern is a Michigan-based experimental musician and songwriter who weaves his guitar and vocal parts in and out of a colorfield of hypnotic electronic tone loops that constantly expand and contract.

Download Polyptychs

Alex Drosen

Collaging together material from several months of late night recording sessions on tape, Fences is full-on subconscious drool, a reflecting pool of Drosen's weird interior landscape.

Download Fences

Rosalind Hall and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

On Embossed Tales Of Throats the duo continues to develop a strong improvised language that pushes and pulls at sound playing in and outside of each other, at the acoustic resonances of their instruments and bodies, at their shared performance histories and at creating electrified playing experiences. The duo also investigates the use of both tape and digital recording technologies and various microphones to create changing impressions of their sounds and inspiration for new gestures.

Download Embossed Tales Of Throats

John Collins McCormick

The first album from John Collins McCormick released under his own name, is a collection of his sound sculptures that he has created and performed between 2012 and 2014. It is a patient collection. Ten pieces, just over two hours of sound. It is released in conjunction with McCormick's M.F.A. Exhibition at Herron school of art and design.

Download Self-titled

Eduardo Rosario

Created almost exclusively with hacked electronics and programming, the pieces were recorded and assembled using a hacked toy as the main sound source, pure data for digital sound processing and software for finishing touches. Improvisational processes, errors are always welcome.

Download Obsolescencia Programada


Jim Baker is an improviser who focuses on the keyboard arts – pianos, keyboards, synthesizers. Sarah Ritch is a composer and improviser who uses cello, electronics and guitar to explore her sound world.

Download Articular Facet 5.3


It’s not a shattering, but a quiet, secret place where the waves flow through and roll with the season and tempo of the sea. A craft alone breaks the near impossible.

Download Arktika

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Les Halles

The streets begin to form patterns of larger things. A hidden body with no familiar face in a space with dimensions no clearer than before. Calm, silent, and elsewhere.

Download Invisible Cities

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Wipe the case and peer into fields metallically connected - fingers trace the yellow light - eight glass discs reshape the ancient mechanism - moist lilies in plastic carriers found polished in the red-tiled floor. You'll need to make a map.

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Chopped & screwed lo-fi loops of new age, funk, soundtrack, synth, library. r&b & soul. Influenced by Croiners, William Basinski, DJ Screw, Robert Turman & the My Dream Date With Boyd Rice tape comp.

Download Dead Seas Of Codeine


Post clerical punk noise tunes directly from the future.

Download Nnevteiga

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Britches is a band that encapsulates no wave’s voice in rebellion and rejection but presents the darker sounds of post punk’s aggression. The new album, “Demolition”, plays tried and true to Britches taste of music with heavy and voluminous amounts of harsh tones and relentless fervor for experimental rock. The five tracks exhibit tempestuous amounts of distortions, reverb and low frequencies – consistently heavy on the bass and maintaining the trashy sounds that the idea of rock and roll regularly asks for. Given the musicality of this album, the songs flow seamlessly into one another. Even with how disparate the tracks are, they are a fluid motion of angst, that patterns and perpetuates the drawn out discordant buzz. It’s a total head-banger and a creative venture into the dark sides of sound.

Download Demolition

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The Binary Marketing Show

Going to bed after a long coffee, a jittered rush while listening to “Anticipation of Something Else” by The Binary Marketing Show was a fitting mood for a matching sound. I thought of how the songs so enigmatically portrayed the calm moment of laying in bed, reflecting on the day while at the same time feeling too energetic for sleep. The Portland based electronic, experimental-pop band has a lackadaisical, anything-goes kind of vibe while at the same time providing a strong backdrop of musicians who are narrowing their focus to more technically and conceptually challenging genres for their songs. The latest release, “Anticipation of Something Else” is just as smooth as an album can get for allowing free forms of thought to come to any listener. It’s an obscure haze built up from one duo using electronic instruments and a few samples, laced with rhythmic compositions, (and other times decompositions.) Any negative space on the album blends smoothly into a minimal beat and then into a cherishing allure of a calming melody. With “Anticipation of Something Else,” The Binary Marketing Show has pulled off another great feat and a beautifully sounding album.”

Download Anticipation Of Something Else

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Mitchel Davidovitz

Window of Normalization is an exploration of the current televised mass media system in the United States. Between July 31 and August 8, 2013, I watched 34 hours of live television, the same amount of time the average American watches per week according to Nielsen statistics. During this time, I recorded the audio and captured over 6,500 still images. In an attempt to expose which values, beliefs, and codes of behavior are being normalized via television, I recomposed the sounds into a six-movement musical composition and placed images into twelve grids.

Download Window Of Normalization

Sebastian Pypłacz

My music is a mix of ambient noises, minimalistic dance beats and poetic whispers. I place an equal sign between text and music, bringing the voice to the role of the instrument. I'm singing in polish and english.

Download MurMur


Six­spot Burnet is an open structure composition featuring analog modular synthesis, raw and processed field recordings, electronics, pre-­composed ambient textures, violin, and audio collage. The work has a fixed progression and form, and a closed set of materials, but is variable in the details of its live performance. This was the second set in articular facet 5.1 sunday october 13, 2013.

Download Sixspot Burnet

Karris/Price Duo

Spare drums and percussion in dialog with prepared tabletop guitar and electronics.

Download At Articular Facet


Maoθ works with spoken, prerecorded and generated language to investigate the abstraction of touch as an arbiter of meaning through the use of languages he may not speak. He manipulates language processed using a self-built palate controller: an oral retainer-based device which allows control data to be produced based on the touch of the tongue against the roof of the mouth, notably during speech production. This was the first set in articular facet 5.1 sunday october 13, 2013.

Download Forked Architecture

Adriano Orrù

Palimpsest is the result of Adriano Orrù's desire to experiment with the electric bass. He and his friends Paulo Chagas (wind instruments), Silvia Corda (pianos) and Mauro Sambo (percussion, electronics) sent tracks back and forth to create these ten duets.

Download Palimpsest

Jonas Reinhardt

Inspired in equal measure by the throbbing urbanity of coastal cities, continental European art-rock experimentation, left-field techno, and the freewheeling punk aesthetic of contemporary home studio recording, Jonas Reinhardt’s music transcends its influences to bring into being a work that’s wholly new while referencing a celebrated aesthetic of the past.
Jonas Reinhardt's 'Ganymede' is an experimental science fiction film set on the solar system's largest moon. On Ganymede, it is thought that volcanic vents supply the necessary power to fuel life. This film imagines unknown extra-terrestrial life forms engaged in ritualistic aquatic dance beneath a sky of ice. The resulting way of life is depicted as fluctuating pulses of energy abstracted beyond conventional consciousness. !
The soundtrack LP contains 6 tracks from the film. Each reflects the immersive sonic environment through textural, rhythmic abstraction. Using a battery of synthesizers and repeating patterns, Jonas Reinhardt delves into the chaotic unknown seeking transcendence and achieving a spiritual 'other' defined by ecstatic reverie. !
The release on Constellation Tatsu includes a vinyl LP, a DVD film, and a limited edition poster by Antonia Kuo.

Download Ganymede

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Ashley Reaks

London-based collage artist and experimental ambient/punk/dub musician. The illegitimate son of Devo and King Crimson.

Download Compassion Fatigue

Kay Hill

40 minutes of far left field abstract textural field noise and analog sub frequency. Masterfully produced and enhanced from four track cassette tape master takes.

Download Cold Title


Download Until Then


DerTANZ is a free punk trio (vocal-bass-drum) from Budapest, Hungary. The new album is again attempting to evoke the atmosphere of their insane live performances with a loose combination of free flowing sequences, lots of tense feedback noise and maniac loop sounds.

Download Vatta

The Chewers

The Chewers are Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler, two freaks from the woods of West Virginia (by way of Nashville, TN), USA. They each play various instruments in order to create layered arrangements of absurdist, primitive rock. The songs feature characters immersed in psychological hells, grappling with deep disconnect from the society around them. These subjects are generally presented with a deadpan, and crooked sense of humor.

Download Every Drop Disorganized

MU Sound Laboratories

Psychedelic folk/drone with a Popol Vuh influence.

Download Faerie

3RedAnts & Pablo Orza

Founded in april 2012 by Macarena Montesinos and Niet F-N and based in Spain, 23RedAnts is a cello/electronics duo who try to explore new territories between free improvisation, glitch music, and noise. In their first two years they have collaborated with different musicians and released four digital albums available for free download. They also collaborate with other artists such as dancers, visual artists as well as performing live during art exhibitions. Pablo Orza is a self taught multi-instrumentalist from Galicia, Spain, primarily working in free improvisation. In 2003, he collaborated with Parto Duo to create the Centro de Novas Tecnoloxías do Pico Sacro (TPS) – an artist collective interested in real time creation.
Their album consists of conversations that took place between cello, electronics and guitar. Macarena, Niet and Pablo documented the conversations in 2012 and organized them into three volumes that all relate. The sound is micro, patient and highly fluid.

Download Escap.ism

Andrés Elstein Trio

Andrés Elstein is a drummer and composer who was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. He co-led the jazz group, Elefante - comprised of Valentin Reiners, Jazmín Prodan, Pablo Butelman, Gabriel Domenicucci and Emmanuel Famin. Andrés actively participates with the composer’s collective (Buenos Aires). He formed his trio with Ada Rave and Nicolas Chientaroli who both have along history in Buenos Aires’ creative music scene.
On La Caja, the trio build a framework to thoroughly explore their improvisations. They investigate different sounds, timbral possibilities and the variations of their instrumentation – playing both solo and in various combinations. Along the way they create different sounds, textures and sensations. The sound is: drums, piano, saxophone.

Download La Caja


Chopped & screwed lo-fi loops of funk, new wave, soundtrack, library, R&B & soul. Influenced by Robert Turman, Croiners, William Basinski, DJ Screw, & the My Dream Date With Boyd Rice tape comp.

Download All My Friends Are Going Visceral

Black Glass Church

Drones and moans, synths and sounds.

Download I


Download Omega


Two sessions of improvisations that took place in two different churches in Germany and Switzerland. To explore these spaces, the duo used: strings, brass, church organ, piano, harpsichord, clavichord, and the alphorn as well as their voices, electronics, birdcalls, and little instruments. As always, listen carefully.

Download Die Ersten Zwei Kirchen

Jim Lace / Alex Nova

Jim Lace and Alex Nova used to be in Onyx System. But then Onyx System stopped. So they used an electric guitar, a roland rs-09, an arturia minibrute, a korg wavedrum, a vocoder, a nord lead, an alesis sr-16, and hooves to make a few more songs under their own names. Prog sense. Paranormal science fiction vein. Story telling. Lovely creature afraid to die. Stargate. A lover in her hair. Afterlife. A man, a broom, the devils. The sound is: late night roxy sleaze, satellite machine cuisine robot synth croon and traces of meditative frippinalia.

Download Twists

Ø+yn and Rapa Nui

A collaborational album by Argentinian psych experimentalists Ø+yn and Rapa Nui from Peru. The album was recorded in Lima during Ø+yns tour of Peru. Long Free Jazz blood-spit, dog-cry doom-forest  improvisation.

Download Eco Paradigma

Feathered Coyote


On these live recordings Ø+yn goes from a Trio performance to a full six member gamelan mode. The first track was recorded on the top of the roof, full of pedals and voices. Second trip starts in the night, with percussive staff being hit sometimes gently and sometimes with fierce.

Download Manos De Jabalí / Un Té Con Las Reliquias De Saturno 

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