R.I.P. Holy Warbles

The Internet is a really depressing place right now. Some terrible moron(s) thought it would be a great idea to shut down the greatest blog of the universe. Fuck the pigs.

Check out WFMU's tribute to the mighty owl.


Pre-Columbian Exposition is a longform ambient/drone piece with many evolving and changing parts. It is dedicated to all indigenous peoples of Pre-Columbian North and South America.

Download Pre-Columbian Exposition

Organ Tapes

I live in London and make sad sounding lo-fi pop with ambient/rnb/UK garage influences under the name Organ Tapes.

Download Temp Hymn

Fat Janitor

Heavy, noisy, angular, grim. Insane guitar parts bringin the heat. Love for snout, love for pints.

Download Lurk

Alan Hansen

For a couple of years i´ve been recording under the name Urberget and played some kind of lofi wood music. Then the synthesizer took over and Alan Hansen was born.

Download Torrid Zone

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Treasure Hunt

One long piece split into ten different sections, meant to evoke a shamanistic ritual/festival.

Download Seatec Astronomy


Easily Suede

Download Signalling

Coyotes In The Room

Nobody has ever been able to figure out who took that picture. Drew obviously survived, albeit with significant brain damage. I think it's the reason his songs are so sad.

Download Right On

Honeybear Forest

Download Waar Kunnen We Dansen

More jams here


Event Horizon is a new space ambient and progressive electronic concept album from Subterrestrial. Follow the first human expedition into deep space on an audio journey that will take you to the very edge of a black hole. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from Subterrestrial!

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Talk Midway

“My friend’s grandfather used to say the problem with schools is that they teach kids to think, rather than ever doing anything. And my old social studies teacher used to say that the problem with science is that it is already too far gone in its own opinion. Under the pressures of thought and conception and unabashedly influenced by society and the world, Talk Midway has introduced the aspect of ‘reflection’ onto Already Dead Tapes and Records, while still leaving the ‘as is’ as ‘as is.’
Patrick Nylen, (the sole musician in Talk Midway,) is New York based and proclaims himself to “reflect diy values.” A very meditative mix and experimental noise, each album demonstrates the craft of ambient sounds layered over tracks of samplings from societal influences, global events – and personal dealings with it all. Subtly manipulative digital and analog whirs, with a few traditional instruments recorded on a couple of tracks. Like I said, he is not so much as making a suggestive statement as he is simply tapping into the unpronounced illusions and effects the world is having on us. They are songs of reflection rather than opinion, which is something many artists struggle with when expressing feelings.
A great album that we hope you’ll enjoy as this year comes to an end – we definitely look forward to see what will come next for Patrick Nylen and Talk Midway.”
-Ray Jackson, Already Dead Tapes, 2011

Download Eclipsing

Get it at Already Dead Tapes

Teen Radiation

While recording their debut album "Time Keeps Making Time Keeps Making", the guys of Dutch psychedelic band Teen Radiation went on a little surf trip. They left the villa in the south of France, where they were recording their hazed up jams, to drive to Portugal to hit the waves. Since the guys from Spread Motion were also there and brought their cam, an improvised video arose from the ashes. uuhh... waves. This is a deep water adventure if you have ever seen one, awesome underwater and above water footage of a couple of guys riding waves in the sunset and bringing the dense jam of the band, now renamed "Surfer's Paradise", to life in shiny technicolor.
As an added bonus, the guys of Teen Radiation decided to also start spreading a bonus disc, with another 50 minutes of Sun-Ra-meets-Les-Rallizes-Denudes-in-a-garage jams. The debut album "Time Keeps Making Time Keeps Making" is out now and only available through the nice people at Boomkat. The free bonus disc is available for download.

Download Free Bonus Disc

Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

It seems like Sam couldn't handle it after all.
So, still looking for someone to take over and maintain this blog.
If interested : dogscanreadyourmind (at) gmail (dot) com
In the meantime, I'll keep posting your music.
Thank you !