John says :
Two long improvisations with bells and pans from the makers of aboombong.

Download A Morning's Work

Mogadiscio Ensemble

Is out now for Karuso label Afro Affairs the debut album by the Italian duo of Mogadiscio Ensemble formed by Riccardo Nava (synths and noises in My Silver Booster and § as solo) and Riccardo Canta (keyboards and sax in Il Cubo di Rubik Monocromo and Gonzo Caravan); it is a mixture of electronic fragments, loops, drum defaced in bitcrusher and dirty CD-R. Available in full streaming on and sale on Believe Digital and best digital stores for EUR/US/GB 1.49.

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Machine Screw

Daniel says :
Hi, Machine Screw is a project that i started last year. I have now finished a 2nd EP titled 'Maggot'. It has elements of harsh noise, wall noise and ambient parts.

Download Maggot EP

Hazey Jane

Jeroen says :
I'm Hazey Jane and I live in Belgium. I am just starting out as a collage/experimental/ambient solo artist. I haven't really released an album or EP but here's a compilation of some of my work.
The file features 3 songs (in order) "Trainspotting", "It ain't new year" and "Interlude #1".
I recorded them in my bedroom on an old taperecorder, the instuments I used are guitar, SP 404 and everything that could be usefull for making sounds.

Download Hazey Jane

Teles The Cynic

Bernardo says :
The first release from Teles The Cynic, does not contain a name, being simply called "-".
recorded live into the computer, first two tracks improvised. Pure noise/drone with a lo-fi atmosphere and some bad ass ambient moments.

Download Teles The Cynic