They take the inspiration in occult melodies and maniacal post-punk, in pop-muic and religious literature; they dip swift pain-hymns into a viscid drone and prayers. Overdriven guitars and voice break hardly thru the beat or on the contrary take it up. Young The Stooges could have sounding like that if it happen for them to be in Russia these days. But just this music makes teenagers from eastern part of Europe shake their heads, fuck and write "suicide" on walls of school-loo. The story repeats itself but in another place. It's 1969 baby.

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 Download Fikcii I

Download Fikcii II

Our Ceasing Voice & Satory

Sebastian says :
Combining the thrilling intensity of Post-Rock/Ambient quartette Our Ceasing Voice and the raw power of Vienna's Post-Metal pioneers Satory, this split 7" marks a blood-tingling release that proves the Austrian bands' talents by opening the door to a world full of melancholy and despair.
For Darkness Fears The Light poses the deeply moving return of Our Ceasing Voice after the success of their debut album 'When the Headline Hit Home'. Striking vocals and powerful drumming enable the band to dare the leap and take their ambient based tunes a step further, while retaining the outfits's full melodramatic force.
Originated in a time of change, Satory's track, The Translator, defines an important turning point in the story of the beast that was introduced in their 2009 EP. Expressive heaviness and valleys of hope constitute their new sound, bringing the powerful machinery back to the post-metal front.

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Zac Nelson

Maybe it's a bad idea to start a description of a piece of music by admitting you don't know how to describe it. But we'll be honest with you: this album synthesizes so much of our taste that it's like trying to describe the taste of water to a fish. Part crooning electro-pop, part drone, half found-sound and all original, "Towards Your Own Worlds" from this frequent Zach Hill collaborator is a remarkable achievement in the abstract and concrete.
Cassette with download is out November 1st.

Download Towards Your Own Worlds


Brecht says :
(bass) guitars, loop recorders, effect units, closed-circuit feedback & sequenced beats.
Physical copies can be bought on shows or here. Four tracks on mini-cd with handmade artwork, each sleeve is unique. Limited to 75 copies.

Download Fragmented structures EP

Samuel Uffus & Cage Cabarrett

Andrii says :
This electroacoustic improvisational jam session features two Portuguese experimental musicians and is dedicated to the Macaense people and their culture, being a mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultures. 
Samuel Uffus – altered bass guitar, diatonic accordion, Roland Juno-60, Roland SH-201, analog effects; 
Cage Cabarrett – Korg MS-20, Moog Little Phatty II, Roland Juno-60, Yamaha CS-5, ARP Axxe, Roland SH-101, analog effects.

Download Shambala Shambala 

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Ermo is a young music project from Portugal. We produce a delicate folk, that some friends tagged as post-folk.

Download Promo

Pregnant Spore

11 live recordings from the 14-day Infinite Rainbow Bridge tour that Pregnant Spore did with Yellow Crystal Star during May and June, 2011. This features live collaborations from Saint Louis's Jizzgurgler and Philadelphia's Cincinnatus C.

Download Breath Of A Dragon

A digital release of 7 shows performed by Pregnant Spore on this past January tour. The Detroit show was left out because it sucked (issues with the sound system and I... made for a weird night). Also, the Dayton show was cancelled. So what is left is 7 field recordings (decent quality for a little MP3 recorder). Most performances consisted of lyrics by the NJ band "Prawn" near the end of each set, and then for the Chicago show, you'll hear some Bjork lyrics.

Download Preggotour

I rarely contribute to or put out tapes this long. However, the approach I wanted to take toward this recording specifically called for length. This tape is centered around the painstakingly slow process of having no choice but to mentally let go of something held dear. One of the elements of healthily coping with loss is to accept what is not in one's power to change. To manifest this concept audibly, I decided to let the instruments play themselves while I stepped back and "accepted" what I was hearing. Before recording, I routed and tweaked electronics so that there would be constant, out-of-sync, mysterious, apparent audible movement when initiated; oscillation and waveforms soaring against and within each other at a sluggish rate. Although I feel that these recordings could have been better composed and more dynamic, I let things operate naturally in order stay true to the concept. What you will hear on this tape is a form of nature uniquely taking it's course.

Download Letting Go Isn't Living With The Heartache-filled Dreams Of What Might Have Been

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Government Alpha

I spoke with Yasutoshi, the man behind Government Alpha, about the recent Earthquake in Japan. He described it as "a terrible shaking!" The same could be said to describe the material he submitted to Rainbow Bridge for this release. It is almost as if he manifested the recent Japanese natural disasters in noise-form months before they occurred. This tape is plagued with swirling, swarming, scathing, oscillating textures that do not follow most harsh noise trends. These sounds seem to hurl you into a spiral of head-melting chaos more so than they crush your skull. Side B is a live performance recorded in June of 2010 is even more dynamic and diverse, including some nutty screaming from Yasutoshi's own vocal chords. This material is strange, ruthless, and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. Japanoise at it's finest, ladies and dicks.

Download Somnambulant

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Inappropriate King Live

15 tracks of concussion and resentment. A year's worth of sound collage dilapidated and uncared-for, pieced together and dubbed to tape. Dismantled and remixed recordings of instruments, traffic, extreme weather, animals, paper ripping, plastic crinkling, thumbtacks being dropped, voices, household appliances, speeches, performance art, various objects being rattled and scraped... static, buzz, beeps, cuts, punches, squeezes and squeals. Despite the project name, none of this was performed live. This is a compilation of pieces that took months to put together.

Download Actions Are Louder

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Ghost Volcano

Ghost Volcano is a brand new 3-piece noise outfit from Baltimore, Maryland made up of both members of Mold Omen and Justin Marc Lloyd (Pregnant Spore, Inappropriate King Live, False Flag and more). Electronics, violin, records, metal and guitar. Reminds me a lot of... dare I say it... Wolf Eyes? Expect even more from this trio soon.

Download Tarkovsky

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20 minutes of unchanging, unrelenting, un-fuck-with-able harsh noise wall from the malicious, anti-musical depths of Iowa's Alex Nowacki. Go ahead, look up HNW in the dictionary. It will read "Boar" with an illustration of the cover artwork of this release.

Download Teen Cribs

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Even The Dew Is Porous

Gorgeous aural soundscapes using samples, guitar, synth and electronics. This tape will make you take flight and dream in blurry, vague visions until it's time to flip the tape. Tyler Brassard originally swept me off my feet after listening to his release on Mars Pyramid. After wiping the dew from my eyes and coming down off my cloud, I stalked this guy until I convinced him to record something for a Rainbow Bridge tape. What I got was something even more sensational than I thought possible. This audio seems to sparkle, pulsate, float and flow like a shining, calm rapid amidst the cosmos.

Download Elastic Echo

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Acid Police Eternal

Here we are with the first edition of Acid Police Eternal, a series of free net compilations co-released with the Egyptian Tea label. These compilations will focus on all aspects of noise and avant sound... everything from harsh walls to sparse and quiet experimentation. Featured on this compilation we have Mold Omen, Gluttoness, James Douglas, Sid Yiddish, Heartstrung, Cincinnatus C, Dementia And Hope Trails, Inappropriate King Live, Zebra Mu, False Flag, Ground Zero Mosque, Syntho Maggot and Breakdancing Ronald Reagan. There are 20 tracks because some artists provided more than 1 track each.

Download Acid Police Eternal 

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