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Aikichi Kuboyama

Almost 30 minutes of heavy noise walls and nautical synth waves and four untitled tracks (3 of them improvised). Again, it's a very limited edition (15).

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Adam Rauf

This is a live performance, 20-minute doom set by Pittsburgh's Adam Rauf (Kalon, Ouroboros), homage to Sabbath, old and new Earth. Features Andrew Miller of African Cave Recordings from the Lunar Surface on vocals on the first section. Recorded live at Garfield Artworks on 6-7-10.

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Bleak Russian Soundscape

Ben says :
Two producers from the east of england specialising in sample-heavy noise music that draws heavily from Drone producers, such as Stars of the Lid, Sunn O))) and Boris, however predominantly utilising samples, synth, and ocassional vocals. This album is a departure from the last, introducing heavily distorted guitars, vocals, and dreamy shoegaze style interludes.

Download A Drop of Ink in the Ocean, The Warmth of The Earth in Vast Space


Aikichi Kuboyama

Aikichi Kuboyama (name dedicated to Herbert Eimert's masterpiece "Epitaph Fur Aikichi Kuboyama") is a Harsh Noise solo project. Most of my things were improvised, but in this cd-r (named "Two Untitled Tracks") I started working with a laptop and discovering some really interesting sounds (despite the fact I still do some improvised noise). These two tracks are basically two sets of powerful walls mixed with loud basses and some electronic effects.

Download Two Untitled Tracks