Satisfacción Lab

Ad Nutum reflects those times of day when our mind tries to escape from daily routines through fantasy, so throughout the work there is a dialectic between unreal atmospheres and daily ordinary sounds, that is, a fantastic look of the real and the real side in the fantastic.

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Synthscape it’s owned on a series of semi-improvisations made on the Roland JP-8080 synthesizer, dealing with different kinds of echo signals and stereo pannings and trying to play as much as possible with spatialization of stereo.

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Bad Panda


This combination of musicians is indeed the strongest they’ve had & I hope they continue to make music as impressive as this in their current configuration.
~ The Noise-Boston
The first recording of Plumerai with all new line-up featuring new vocalist Eliza Brown & new drummer Mickey Vershbow.

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Silber Records

Electric Bird Noise

Live recordings of experimental ensemble shows from Electric Bird Noise master mind Brian Lea McKenzie featuring the likes of Steve Bailey, Brian John Mitchell (Remora), Nic Slaton (slicnaton), Mahlon Hoard, Michael Wood (SAVAS), & fifty other guests.

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Silber Records


Long awaited sophmore album of angst ridden ambient & slide guitar from mwvm.

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Silber Records


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Musica Vermella


Giorgio Cerrato was born in Naples (Italy) in 1979. For several years he played drums in a Nirvana's tribute band called "Sold Out". In 1995 he became fascinated by the new electronic resonances, which naturally bring him to make use of synthesizers. Through the years he tried out electro, dark, drum'n'bass, techno, etc., composed soundtracks for various short and documentary films. Among his musical projects there are: "Zeder" (featuring Luigi Rubino from "Ashram") and "Exsiddaph", an electrodark duet in collaboration with the singer Francesca Fiorenzoni ("Daphne"). “MM2” is the first album of his solo IDM-project "Exsiderurgica".

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Turbinicarpus Records

The Vévé Seashore

Surreal helium folk with some nice ambient.

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Heroin In Tahiti

Inspired by the classic Italian spaghetti sound turned into a depressed and paranoid version of the typical twang-surf of Morricone s scores, Death Surf is an hypothetical soundtrack of an old mondo-movie gone bad. The album drags the oppressive heat and bad habits of the Mediterranean to the radioactive beaches of Polynesia, discovering non-existent tribes, invented costumes, misplaced traditions and colonial exoticisms.
Think of drinking a frozen Daiquiri on a solitary beach while watching a poorly tuned TV broadcasting loops of  If You Meet Sartana Pray for Your Death, while Mururoa tests are happening at the horizon.
If this was the soundtrack of the end, it couldn't be more doped.

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Boring Machines


The Between the elements Quadrilogy begun in 2007 as a collaboration among the well-known industrial master Maurizio Bianchi/MB and the experimental musician Matteo Uggeri. The first two chapters (Nefelodhis, which means cloudy, and Erimos, desert) were released in that year by Cold Current and Digitalis Industries.
Kapnos (smoke) followed in 2009, as a collective effort by Meerkat, "the Italy's finest in the fields of ambient, electronics, microsound, post guitar" (as Frans De Waard wrote). The last and definitive chapter Pagetos is now released on Boring Machines.
For Pagetos (morning frost) Uggeri involved Francesco Giannico and Luca Mauri, whose piano and guitar added a melodic and soft touch to a work that reveals here its lightest and maybe coldest - side.
The track 5:34 AM - Calaverna is featured on the Wire Tapper nr.28 of April 2012.

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Boring Machines

Rella The Woodcutter

After his first approach with Boring Machines, a split 7 inches with My Dear Killer and an EP called I Know When It s Time To Get The Fuck Away, Rella the Woodcutter is back with a full album of delicate and psichedelic songs reminding both the electric blues wave of the late nineties (Palace, Smog, Songs:Ohia) and their fathers which gathered togheter thirty years before that.

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Boring Machines

Simon Balestrazzi

Simon Balestrazzi founded in 1981 T.A.C. (Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata), a long-lived and outstanding Italian band operating in the border between experimental music, leftfield rock and post-industrial and still active to these days. Between 1986 and 1988 he created the dark-chamber ensemble Kino Glaz and in 1991 he joined well known band Kirlian Kamera, with whom he worked for seven years releasing several albums and performing live throughout Europe. Relocated in New York he graduated in sound engineering at the Institute of Audio Research.
Back to Italy in 1998 he relocated to Cagliari where he currently lives and works, focusing on site-specific installations, dance and theatre soundtracks and where, after a few years hiatus, he has reactivated T.A.C. releasing three new albums. In the very same town he also started several groups, as ESP, Deep Engine and Qaumanek and he is a regular member of electro-acoustic improvisation ensemble MOEX. Moreover in 2005 he participated to Barcelona LEM festival with the new project Electrified Ether, a duo with tabletop guitarist Sara Aresu.
In November 2006 he also formed the duo Dream Weapon Ritual with actress and singer Monica Serra (also from T.A.C.).
He has released countless records, collaborating with Ikue Mori, Maja Ratkje, Z'ev  amongst others.

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Boring Machines


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Coyotes In The Room

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Roberto Clemente Rookie Card

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card, Early 2012 is available digitally and on 2xCD-R through Ailanthus Recordings and My Idea of Fun, and in the near future 2xCassette through Sunup Recordings.

You can also be lead to the above page from My Idea of Fun #218 which you can find at:

Roberto Clemente Rookie Card is a blog that started in 2010, and to save you the time of reading the entire history of a blog, I'll tell you that the hope from the beginning was to develop friendships and relationships with like-minded artists that would lead to such ideas as this very compilation, as well as Ailanthus Recordings, which as an RCRC imprint, has released 15 CD-R's from artists that have not only seen frequent coverage on RCRC but also inspired genuine collaborative relationships, resulting once again in projects just like this compilation.

I'm proud and grateful of everyone's hard work that lead to the creation of this. The sound you'll hear is a direct representation of what RCRC is.

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Amour & Discipline

How much does a band earn when you’re sharing their music with a friend, or when you're using P2P or direct download services to get it?
Well, ok, zero.

 But how much does a band earn when you buy a 10$ CD in a store ?
1.2 dollar.

How much does a band earn when you buy a 0.99 song on Itunes ?
15 cents.

How much does a band earn when you listen to a song one hundred times on Spotify ?
How much would a band earn if you sent them a free donation ?
The exact amount you chose to give (well, minus bank fees).

Most of the time, no matter how you listen to music, the artist gets very little financial support. Of course, these are average figures regarding both indie and major label artists ; some manage to get better deals, others get worse (if you’re signed on a major label, you’ll probably get zero from sales: majors give an advance to record the album, and you won’t earn anything until it is repaid. Very few artists recoup this advance)
.In recent years, technology has made music shift from scarce goods to infinite goods : once the original is made, it takes zero marginal cost to make a digital copy and distribute it. All the music in the world is available for (almost) nothing, and less and less people are buying physical records. Global Non-Commercial Culture Sharing is now a reality – which, don't get us wrong, is simply great -, but the problem of decently funding artistic creation remains. But Why?
  • a lot of people want to maintain old centralized models of distribution in the digital world, creating artificial scarcity on infinite goods, and pretending global culture sharing never happened
  • big entertainment corporations keep laying down the law
  • many middlemen are still involved. Some of them are valuable (independent labels), some have to be questioned
So, why not directly support those who create music and those who really help to produce it?

Amour & Discipline  is a non-profit DIY organization establishing a  donation platform  where people can donate to ANY independent band or label in the universe (to cover our costs, we decided that those using A&D will simply choose if and how much they want to give us).
 A&D project is not about charity, but Gift Economy. It is not about guilt, but common decency.

Of course, good ways to support bands/labels already exist (buying stuff directly from them still is the best one) and crucial ideas still have to be tested, but we think A&D can be a useful step to promote two fundamental and inseparable points :
  1. Non-Commercial Culture Sharing is essential and legitimate
  2. We can and we must find new ways to support independent authors and producers, so the aforementioned fact won’t cast them in the sewers where they will starve alone
We want A&D's initiative to rest on the very people it intends to support. Thus A&D also includes a  collective ad-free webzine  written by all kinds of people contributing to the shiny world of underground/indie cultures (bands, labels and activists such as DIY promoters, venues, webzines...). A&D is NOT a place dedicated to music download, but a place to support artists/labels. The only music available will be found in the webzine, willingly shared by the artists themselves.
Finally, we don't want to promote Gift Economy only on our website, so we hope to be linked on a lot of other webzines/blogs to remind people they can support music this way.
We think the combination of coercive (i.e. governments) and mercantile (i.e. corporations) tactics should certainly not be the only ones driving the legislation, distribution, and financing of culture. On the contrary, we believe the present situation urges us to invent new alternative strategies.

J. Dujardin

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