New Already Dead tapes

AD037: Not The Wind Not The Flag - 'Music Gallery'
Released: April 16
Singe Sided C62, Edition of 50
Artist Location: Toronto, ON
"A heavy dose of healthy music. Not the Wind, Not the Flag consists only of alternative percussive instruments and a great ethnic vibe. “Music Gallery,” is a 24 minute piece that truly demonstrates its own language in the music world. Each member contributes to the conversation and has their instruments finding their voice in the choir. The song evolves in its own rhythmic pace, finding a charged tempo in the middle and a steady beginning and ending. Lots of xylophones, vibes, chimes, a simplified drum-set, and some great guitars at the end. A nice cultural immersion into something new – its a good healthy sound to put in your ears." - Ray Jackson

AD038: Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt - 'All I Ask Ya, Alaska' 
Released April 24
C32, Edition of 40
Artist Location: Bloomington, IN
"Where the guitar strings makes its rhythm and its melody, it can sometimes make a connection and a spark, right in the middle of a strong emotion. The spark and strong emotions comes from the sentimental sound of Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt on the latest release: “All I Ask Ya, Alaska.” A sweet, concise and simple blend, the musician captures the folk-rock feel and an artful layering of multiple guitar tracks and a great voice.
If you're familiar with his earlier material, you'll find great lyrical melodies that sing well pop-rock guitar chords in Beatles-like song structures. This album is a little more different in being the standard verse/chorus, and lyrically driven form of a song but comes off as being slightly sparse, yet more intentional with conveying of the right emotions. Its an easy listen with a comfortable song list – a great album for the summer night jams." - Ray Jackson

AD039: Alpha Couple - 'Covers'
Released May 1
Single Sided C62, Edition of 50
Artist Location: Toronto, ON
DL: AD039: Alpha Couple - 'Covers' - Already Dead Tapes
"An expression of a nightmarish landscape, but somehow, it sounds too human for something like a nightmare. Alpa Couple is a group that turns inwards; blending the voices into experiments and public conversations as music. The ambition is consistent as it seeks imagination, but even more profound and unique is the vulnerability the two musicians deliver. Wherever the voice lacks words, the singing drives with an emotional lament and a sorrowful cry. You can view the compositions as perhaps haunting, or you can listen to it and think of something surreal. Either way, the duet demonstrates a human quality, an expressive glow, and, of course, one great album." - Ray Jackson

AD040: Dominic Pierce - 'West'
Released May 8
C30, Edition of 40
Artist Location: Calgary, AB
"I got depressed for two years after starting a garden behind a strangers house in Detroit. After the two years I walked back there and found a great blooming plant growing more than I could ever imagine. I came across the music to explain what I felt. Dominic, a hard-working and progressively industrious musician traveling throughout Canada and the US, making simple instrumentals with the minimalist sound of electroacoustic songs. His new album “West” to be released on Already Dead Tapes will keep your foot tapping, fingers snapping and images reeling in your head of good retrospective thoughts. Upbeat beats buried below layering guitar riffs and harmonic electronically tuned chords – an easy-dance album to play throughout the day with bright chord structures and groovy breakdowns." -Ray Jackson

AD041: Br'er - 'Deviation'
Released May 22
C30, Edition of 50
Artist Location: Philadelphia, PA
"Br'er is one of the all too rare bands seeking to make honest music outside of fashion, hype or influence. This is creative expression that still sounds fresh and exciting. A captivating experience that surrounds the listener and gives a lasting impression. 
Deviation marks a turning point in the evolution of Br'er. The music expands upon their previous 'City Of Ice' and features several alternate versions of songs from the album. This is the band's last full length release before shifting into a more electric and heavy sound. Acoustic guitar, violin, cello, harmonium and auto harp give this album a very human and vulnerable quality. Dark subject matter over beautiful and hypnotic arrangements. Music worth hearing multiple times.
For further sounds, check out" - Sean Hartman


Holocene is a solo experimental project started by Rasik Srinath. Incorporating styles ranging from drone and noise to minimalist post rock, Holocene has one split EP (w/ Ember Wreath) out as well as a full length album, Concealed Colours in a Leaden Sky.

Concealed Colours in a Leaden Sky
Amaterasu (with Ember Wreath)

Ember Wreath

Ember Wreath is the solo project of John Snyder. Featuring reverberating soundscapes and melodic guitar juxtaposed with noise and chaos, each piece delivers a unique sonic texture.

Sanctuary Vol 1
Sanctuary Vol 2
Ember Wreath III

Marble Lion

Marble Lion is a witch/pop/noise project living in Montreal.

Foliage EP

Martian Sawdust

Martian Sawdust (aka Mars) is a solo project started by Ali Rabie mid 2011. The style combines elements of post-rock, psychedelic and drone, which he likes to label as ‘Post-Psybient’. His first self-titled EP was released September 2011, while his second EP Un Complot Terroriste was released January 2012. 

Un Complot Terroriste

Aberrant Corollary

A Beginning Among Millions

Ultimate Guitar Post Rock Album
Ultimate Guitar Post Rock 2
Ultimate Guitar Post Rock 3

A Season

A Season is J.C. Meraz musical project. It encompasses guitar based Ambient, Drone and Noise styles 

The Land of Fair Weather (with Mr Tumnus)

This Is It

Retirement has finally come for me. Alex is taking over this blog from now on. I'll still be lurking around to hear these great recordings you people are submitting.

See ya !


RIYL: Tangerine Dream, music so kraut it’s still cabbage & synths creamy enough to attract cats
What happens when you get Klaus Shulze into some American jeans? Yes I know, the perennial question – well we here at Field Hymns have the answer – Grapefruit. Muscular and fluid, Grapefruit speaks a brogue of 70′s Kosmisch and 80′s action flick scores, woven into a rich expanse of arpeggiated streams, analog sunsets and cosmic beaches. Recommended for all lovers of analog synth artistry.
Grapefruit is the solo project of Portland, Oregon's Charlie Salas Humara - currently in the bands Regular Music and Sun Angle, previously of The Planet The and Panther.

Download Grapefruit

Field Hymns

The Post Riot Era

A slow building, 5 track album of distorted electronic swells and waves, presented as the backdrop to a 1970's documentary on the socio-economic struggles of a middle-class American family.

Download Schism


Honeybear Forest

First new single for 2012 of hypnotic closterphobic ambient IDM dance beats from the woods and forests of Pennsylvania.

Download Romantiks/Hearts Of Our Brothers

Stress Carrier

We Were Systems

Stress Carrier Records is pleased to present; We Were Systems.  Cathartic electronic instrumental music, now available to stream/download for free !

Download We Were Systems

Stress Carrier

Mr Tumnus

Mr Tumnus is the solo project of Leeds based musician Alex Thomas, drawing on elements of ambient, folk, post-rock, noise and electroacoustic music to create a spellbinding psychedelic listening experience.

After 3 years of directionless experimentation and heavy procrastination, 2011 has seen Mr Tumnus finally get his act together, releasing his eponymous debut EP in June, and his first full length, ‘Oxport’, in September (both available for free download from Bandcamp).

The ‘Mr Tumnus EP is an exploratory affair, whereby meditative improvised instrumental passages and eccentric speech samples become lost beneath layers upon layers of field recordings and ambient noise. ‘Oxport’ showcases a more accessible sound, with a greater emphasis on more traditional musical elements, while still retaining the strange and whimsical atmospheres present on ‘Mr Tumnus’. The latest release, a split with Mexican drone artist A Season, 'The Land of Fair Weather', explores more electronic sounds, and the use of granular synthesis as a compositional process. A new full length, along with a split with ambient musician Ember Wreath, are set for summer release.

Download Mr Tumnus


Hour long meditation on 70's style sequencer driven ambient...

Download Atrophic

21MOD & 35MOD

Download Onecore