Romantic States

Romantic States is music made by Jim Triplett and Ilenia Madelaire  from Baltimore Maryland.  Romantic States has so far released three singles and an EP on beko-dsl, and two full length cassettes on Tater Junction.
This most recent release is a ten song album titled, "Vessels Of Devils".  In addition to original compositions, the album includes a cover of "Ana", a song by Los Saicos.  The production and arrangement is skeletal/minimal/sparse, to reflect their live performance experience.

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Plant Parenthood

25 minutes of sludge pop bliss. These songs were written in a cold house with mice. Guitar feedback catharsis and catchy yowling.

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A ridiculous rock opera about vengeance, murder, matricide, incest, and the origin of the criminal justice system.

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Glass House

Monolithic ambient music that teems with both warmth and darkness. Distinctly cinematic and glacially-paced, this is music you will have no problem losing yourself in repeatedly.

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Body Movements is the companion album to my previous full length "They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still".  The album can be filed under ambient/drone/noise. It contains remixes by Lackthrow, Katie Gately, Nicholas Starke, Bassling, The Icarus Descent, Clayton Alpha and Andiluvian.

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Moaning dissonant ambient and soft glitch morphed drones.

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Swirl gurgle. Phantom voice. Chain drive. Finger wipe. Runaway delay. Fever pitch. All music by Leonardo Belardinelli. Acoustic guitar. Table. Block. Paper. Headphones. Laptop.

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Meaty, beaty, big & noisy as fuck: that’s what this album from Interlard sounds like, and it’s ultragood. If you love your sounds a bit claustrophobic, turned up to 11 but with a sense of groove that makes it too interesting to ignore, check out Meanwhile.

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Looks Realistic

Joseph Bastardo and Ryan Mulhall erase the earth from all directions, drawing in a home where mountains grow, rainbows bow, and melodies play throughout the land.

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Controlling your heartbeat, peace pervades your space, bringing with it clarity and new life to the stillness of the indoors.  Tones coalesce, lazily see-saw, and gallop away — rumbling out through the walls.

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Hobo Cubes & Jonathan James Carr

Trudging through the choking darkness of an uncertain cavern, Hobo Cubes brings warm lights to forgotten sensations.  Then along comes Jonathan James Carr with a continuum of transient beauties in this organically flowing work.

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Fluorescent Heights

A hue technicolor and dominant.  The sun is here, but we are not here, permanently folded by the sun's vacation-pebbles that radiate like floating metal.  What do they do?

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