Pregnant Spore

11 live recordings from the 14-day Infinite Rainbow Bridge tour that Pregnant Spore did with Yellow Crystal Star during May and June, 2011. This features live collaborations from Saint Louis's Jizzgurgler and Philadelphia's Cincinnatus C.

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A digital release of 7 shows performed by Pregnant Spore on this past January tour. The Detroit show was left out because it sucked (issues with the sound system and I... made for a weird night). Also, the Dayton show was cancelled. So what is left is 7 field recordings (decent quality for a little MP3 recorder). Most performances consisted of lyrics by the NJ band "Prawn" near the end of each set, and then for the Chicago show, you'll hear some Bjork lyrics.

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I rarely contribute to or put out tapes this long. However, the approach I wanted to take toward this recording specifically called for length. This tape is centered around the painstakingly slow process of having no choice but to mentally let go of something held dear. One of the elements of healthily coping with loss is to accept what is not in one's power to change. To manifest this concept audibly, I decided to let the instruments play themselves while I stepped back and "accepted" what I was hearing. Before recording, I routed and tweaked electronics so that there would be constant, out-of-sync, mysterious, apparent audible movement when initiated; oscillation and waveforms soaring against and within each other at a sluggish rate. Although I feel that these recordings could have been better composed and more dynamic, I let things operate naturally in order stay true to the concept. What you will hear on this tape is a form of nature uniquely taking it's course.

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