Government Alpha

I spoke with Yasutoshi, the man behind Government Alpha, about the recent Earthquake in Japan. He described it as "a terrible shaking!" The same could be said to describe the material he submitted to Rainbow Bridge for this release. It is almost as if he manifested the recent Japanese natural disasters in noise-form months before they occurred. This tape is plagued with swirling, swarming, scathing, oscillating textures that do not follow most harsh noise trends. These sounds seem to hurl you into a spiral of head-melting chaos more so than they crush your skull. Side B is a live performance recorded in June of 2010 is even more dynamic and diverse, including some nutty screaming from Yasutoshi's own vocal chords. This material is strange, ruthless, and the more I listen to it, the more I love it. Japanoise at it's finest, ladies and dicks.

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