New Debacle Records Batch

Sam says :
This batch is maybe the most diverse yet. From the guitar meditations of Karnak Temples to the minimal techno haze of STARCIRCLEANATOMY. The industrial psych-noise of Summon Thrull to the internal geometry of Zac Nelson. By far, one of the best overviews of what I think Debacle is all about.
This is just the start, expect a few more waves before our huge Debacle Fest 2011 happening in Seattle on Aug 18th through the 21st. I will send out more info about that shortly.

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Karnak Temples

Adam Svenson of Little Claw, Dull Knife, Du Hexen Hase drops his first solo release! Three long tracks of echoed guitar and daybreak chants. The pieces slowly unfurling, unwind into mantric spirals of lo-fi six-string tessellations. Think of a Jeweled Antler member partying in Dylan Carlson’s basement.

Download The Din Of Light


I met Izaak Schlossman when he was touring with GkfoseVjgoaf and Stag Hare. I really enjoyed what he was doing and told him any time he wanted I would release something I would be ready. Never would I have thought he would have come back with a four song minimal techno masterpiece! Izaak has somehow fused the laid back tape psych-pop of his earlier works with glitchy hazy techno of The Field or Four Tet, and it is breathtaking.

Download Cold/Path

Zac Nelson

The Portland artist behind Hexlove, Chll Pll (with Zach Hill), and Prints brings us his newest album under his given name. The Same Hypnotic Point finds itself balanced between zorched drone outs and freewheeling percussive improv, with off kilter pop edging its way in there. A balanced and beautiful album that haunts me in ways his previous releases only hinted at.

Download The Same Hypnotic Point

Summon Thrull

CDR issue of the recent super limited tape on Rainbow Bridge. Here is what Rainbow Bridge had to say when it was first released: “Carefully composed, dynamic, sonically stimulating noise by Dustin Kochel. You most likely haven't heard of this guy. He is as mysterious as his surreal, abstract collages that seem to flow complexly from one distinct movement to the other. Synths, electronics, found sounds, and who knows what else, pieced together to compile one of the most diverse and interesting noise releases the universe has ever encountered. In fact, everything but an un-moving wall is here. Quiet, dim, haunting drones. Metal tinkering right in your face, and more of it off in the distance like a massive machine operating miles away. Bright synths wavering and pulsing like sound effects from an 80's sci-fi movie. Crushed and distorted thumps and rumbles. Buried human voices. Static-ridden radio clips. Each track has a theme and doesn't venture far off from it's main idea before it ends and the next track begins. If you've got a friend that you want to turn on to noise, give that friend this tape. If he/she doesn't love it, give up.

Download Spire Hell Heap