Molten Bird

Helios says :
40 Minutes of Field Recording Based Soundscapes, 17 Minutes of Guitar/Drum Drone Interplay, 7 Minutes of Fast Paced Percussion based delicately arranged psychedelic wierdness. 1 Hour of Coolness.
Sounds include : grapefruit, seed pods, a tree being shook, bells, dogs, swamp cooler, wind chimes, rain, gongs, tape recorder, big drum, marimba, radiator, stairwell, parking garage, tape recordings of david levick, jesse weight, and other people unknown to me, flourescent light, the denver botanic gardens, flower pots, metal bins, a different stairwell, harpsichord strings, a different radiator, security guard, a different marimba, plant convention, cactus contest, fountain, voice in a huge abandoned basement, casiotone beats and flute, electric guitar, acoustic drumset, electric drumset, broken guitar, breaking glass, car passing by, broken piano, voice and feedback, thrown cymbals, organ, bus stop, solomon the dog, lunch at a sushi resturant, sine wave, different drumset, piano, steel pan, tubular bells, ride cymbal, kids toy reverb microphone, big cymbal, and a different stairwell.

Download Molten Bird IV: My Favorite Broken Analogy

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