J.Siemasko, Schemawound’s sole member, has roots in industrial, IDM, glitch, ambient, improv noise, soundscapes, etc. Every one of these were evident in 2010’s Hospital Songs, a therapeutic release
effectively ending a 6 year period of writer’s block. This was followed by My Time as a Rat which was a
re-release of pre-Schemawound material, which makes They Want to Make Your Body Move… the second
proper release.
Siemasko offers only a simple description of They Want to Make Your Body Move… claiming that “The album is an exploration of small events magnified.” One could also say he has gone in a very different direction than his previous works, relying on simple textures and tones coded exclusively in Supercollider to build an entire album’s worth of unique ambient/drone. This is a vivid journey through sonic uncertainty, which leaves you excited and fulfilled once it’s over.

Download They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still

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