It’s difficult to describe all the things going on in the background of new ZEPHRYS album from long time besties Cam and Pierce. Setting the scene: The young duo finds themselves on the brink of college, the brink of indefinite hiatus, the brink of manhood, the brink of change.  Written cooperatively between the two, “Order of the Arrow” seems to act as a final monument to growing up in the Pacific Northwest.  Breaking down what it means to be a young man, what it means to be friends.  Also bubbling under the surface is carrying the torch for PNW indie-punk heroes, invigorating the guitar/drum template with a level of honest righteousness that only youth can bring.   Some would say this album falls outside the normal purview of Debacle, but one does not come across this level of talent, heart, and songwriting and just let it slip away.
Mastered by Phil Petrocelli.

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