Particle Being Trio

The first missive from the newly formed Particle Being Ensemble, “Post Terrestrial Vol. 1” is psychedelic treat, Balancing free-form freakouts and syncopated song forms in one cohesive release. The ensemble is paired back to a trio for this release.  Weaving in members from various Seattle groups the trio showcases core members Jon Carr (Patternmaster, Brain Fruit), Garrett Moore (Brain Fruit), and Nils Petersen (Rose Windows).
The three Seattleites have produced a multidimensional release featuring Petersen’s swirling processed trombone amid Moore’s jazzy percussion and Carr’s staccato synthesizers. Droning synthesizer and trombone gently peak and build as the opening seven minutes, on “Free Energy”. From there, the album takes you on a seamless journey through driving “Action and the Orbital Horn”, straight into explosive “Aggregate Resilience” with an overdrive straight to the album’s pinnacle. The final track, “Relative to Light”, smoothes things down, melding all the elements of the album into a bubbling, floating conclusion.

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