Geoff Geis

Princess is a strange hodgepodge of sounds. It draws most heavily from the seemingly contradictory worlds of Electro and Country/R&B, but touches down in a dizzying variety of other places over its brisk 24 minutes.
Moving with the frenetic urgency of a falsely accused defendant, Princess achieves this broad thematic scope, ironically enough, through its focus on details. Thoughtfulness in arrangement and delivery give importance to every second. Songs like “Mother of All” channel the same cynical, historical perspective that typifies Geoff Geis' Pizza! persona. “Superbowl B4 De-lete” and “the Lonesome Part,” are reminiscent of his abstract and emotive work in Big Whup. On most of this album, however, the songwriter shows his cards unabashedly, wielding a confessional intimacy not present in his previous musical projects.

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