Boy Fruit

Both blunted and schizophrenic, Boy Fruit’s take on hip hop is a pile of twitching and glitching contradictions.    A set of rambling songs and micro ideas flowing into each other in the tradition of Mad Lib or Jay Dilla, Jay Harmon builds Demonology out of the firmament of his own possessed mind.  Turning sounds to crystallized green honey that he can form into towers of dripping confusion, before he hits the stop button, knocks it over and starts again.  While the album does make reference to the aforementioned hip hop halos, there is a digital crunch present in Boy Fruit’s work that makes this sound his own.   A hard digital distortion covers many of his snares and high hats in spiky texture while still floating over a bed of organic samples, creating a sound unique to Boy Fruit alone.  Demonology is a minor classic in the making and a most welcome addition to the Debacle catalog.

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