Debacle Records

Demian Johnston (Great Falls) teams up with Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen) for a blackened doom trip. Densely layered guitars and field recordings. Mastered by Pete Swanson.

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Cough Cool’s debut tape on Sweat Lodge Guru, re-mastered with new art. Downercore bedroom-pop nuggets pulled from the ether of teenage memories and adult disappointments. Slow moving song mantras. Itchy frustration and sleepy ambition. Look for releases this year from Dan on Not Not Fun and Bathetic.

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Nick Maturo and Ryan Connelly exploded out of Montreal last year with no less than 10 tapes of hazy guitar/synth drones. Just a Glimpse finds the duo experimenting with shorter edits and more diverse song-forms than their sidelong tape experiments. Picking a concept out of a jam and distilling it down to its purest part. Making feints and nods towards past heroes like Eno and Shulze but keeping pace with modern masters such as Tim Hecker and Emeralds.

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Pearson Wallace-Hoyt has already carved out his place in the PNW experimental scene, whether it is working with all manner of artists, dancers, and musicians or co-directing the Seattle Occultural Music Festival. Recently, Pearson has begun taking over the rest of the world, dropping a 3” CDR on Kim Dawn and now releasing his doom opus Kristeater.

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